Monday, June 30, 2014

This and that...

It is only four o’clock, and the privet is alive with twinkling stars—raindrops on leaves like itty bitty luminaries flicker here and there in the thicket.  I love rain and rainy days, and luckily for me, we get plenty of that around here.  I am blessed.

We finally got that bare space by the entrance of the garden covered in peat pebbles—lovely, sparkly river pebbles that now, after the afternoon downpour it seem to shine touched by soft, diffused light.

I love ferns... all types and variety of them...

Love their lavishness and deep greenness that seems to speak quietly of enchanted woods and mysterious forests.  I have them everywhere in my garden.

Fairies and magical creatures are coming out of their hideouts, birds are cleaning muddy feathers in small fountains scattered around the garden and trees are wearing luscious newly washed sparkling suits—the glories after the rain. 

I cannot love my little paradise any more and I have so many more projects in mind for that space to implement… like an arbor covered in roses, a birdhouse on a tall pole covered in clematis, more hostas and crepe myrtle.  I have five crepe myrtle growing in my newly established garden, but you can never have too many crepe myrtle around here… they come in so many varieties, and all of them exquisite and flamboyant in their own right, all of then brimming with blooms wrap in incomparable beauty and fragrances… oh yes I want more crepe myrtles in my garden.

We finished painting the fence and I have planted a climbing rose against the wall I’m determining to be our entrance to the garden. Home Depot, which is the only place where you can get your plants and such around here has a poor selection of roses. Other than the Knockout variety, they’re practically null on roses, which I find to be must annoying, I should say. And when it comes to climbers, it gets worse. They had only three climbers of the same brand this year—the American Climbing Rose—miserably looking and poorly kept. But I needed one. I asked the attendant for a discount and was allowed a 10% off, so I brought one home and have planted it by the entrance. I don’t know exactly what the flowers may look like because the bush I purchased only had one sad little rose blooming in it... but I'm betting all my hopes in this bush for an abundance of lovelies later on... 

I finally had to be seen by my doctor today for my contact with poison ivy…  I got a steroid shot and Benadryl.  I also found out that aside from my reaction to poison ivy, I was attacked by an army of tiny, fiercely biting mites called Chiggers… never heard that in my life before… you?  If you don’t know what they are, I'm telling you... be careful!  And protect yourselves when outside, if you live in the South.  These are tiny, red mites that cause intensely itchy bites… so be careful. And a huge thank you to the lovely reader who shared the secret of the Baking Soda! Thank YOU!

Have a lovely evening everyone!

Ps:  We're on our way to FL tomorrow morning... 10 hours driving.  I'm taking my Benadryl and comfy pillow... planing on some much needed sleep.  See you soon!



  1. Your garden looks prettier and prettier each day. I'm so sorry to hear of your bout with the poison ivy and poison sumac. It must be something terrible. And I thought it was bad around here with the beautiful little bright red (but highly poisonous) frogs and fuzzy soft multi-colored caterpillars who's fuzz will burn the living daylights out of you if you so much as graze them with your hand. Nature is full of surprising things. Thank goodness oak trees don't grow much here! Home Depot doesn't usually have a large selection of roses, but have you tried ordering online? I've ordered alot of plants that way and there are some good rose nurseries that have just about everything you could ever want and then some. Jackson & Perkins is a good source of roses as well as David Austin dot com. They have roses that will take your breath away and they'll deliver them right to your door!

  2. I love all kinds of ferns too and have a good variety. My especial love is Maidenhair Fern :D...even the name is enchanting, but if you find one of those delicate lacy, tissue paper thin ferns, you will fall in love with them too.
    I've been admiring all the lavender and purple crepe myrtles around here too, they are the souths answer to the north's lilac there are some things we can replace.....can you get some bougainvilleas there? YOU will ADORE them and all their colors, they thrive on neglect watering, no rich soil, just leave them in all day sun, and they bloom, they come in so many colors you can get dizzy :D . You can also put them in pots and bring them in if it gets to cold in the winder, they are beautiful in pots.

  3. I have lived in the south for 48 years and love it, although my favorite time is fall, spring, winter and summer in that order, for many of the reasons you have mentioned. I hope to be some help to you. We had much poison ivy here, but posion ivy killer or total vegetation killer took care of that. For mosquitoes use a dryer sheet to rub on skin before going out or bug repellant. If you are in woods the only thing I know for chiggers is bug repellant, no white socks, and if you get a few bites you can use clear nail polish or chigger rid to kill them. They will live for 2 weeks under skin. Ugh! Also they love and live in Queen Anne's Lace. Not a good idea to bring it in. Of course, to me, the best thing is a screened in porch. There are so many good things here, that once you learn to have some control over the other, it is a great place to live. Love your blog, Shelia


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