Thursday, June 5, 2014

In the realms of dreams

I woke up to a very early rain and thunder this morning.  I love it—love those special occasions when you’re laying in bed and in that stupor between the realms of sleep and reality you hear and see things that are not, and then you realize that although you are in a state of altered consciousness, you are neither submerged in the depth of sleep and, perhaps those things you thought you saw and heard were somehow true?

And thus you realize that indeed, it is raining. No, it’s more than that… there are rivers rushing outside your window and somehow the sky is trying to communicate something to you in the language of thunder?  And how remarkable and astounding the voice of thunder is when it is gentle and far-flung in the early, murky horizon. 

When I opened up the blinds on the window that's next to my bed, as I always do immediately after waking up, something caught my attention right away… something outside in the middle of the narrow country road across our cottage. A dead animal or something... A solitary raven was already there circling the carcass with cunning curiosity. He emitted an eerie cry and immediately two more crows dashed in and surrounded the thing on the road, equally indecisive on what to do with it. I felt extremely upset by it and sad, thinking that it was the little kitty that likes to come by and whom I’d seen late the previous evening strolling around before I went inside for the day. I could not stop staring at it, or thinking about it… 

Later on when we left the house that morning my husband mentioned that it was an opossum on the road, but I wasn’t too sure about it and I didn’t want to look. 

Hours later we were working outside in the garden when all of a sudden my kitty friend showed up. I saw him smelling the petunias in the clay flower pot, he discovered something hidden in the bushes and tried to catch it.  Then, he walked just by where I was standing all the while ignoring my joy, and my laughter and my “please kitty come here.. kitty kitty kitty” pleads.  I was so so happy to see him again!

This is him again under the bridge on the pond…

I snapped a few photographs, turn around for a moment and poof… gone he was.  I swear it’s the truth… he couldn’t be found anywhere albeit all my extra efforts.  Do you think that maybe there’s a secret door under the bridge on the pond that somehow connects to that other bridge on the other side of the garden down the edge of the forest?  You know the one… the Bridge to Terabithia?

Our world is linked to other worlds through secret passages you know… at least in my little world they do exist… we  can visit other worlds through magic portholes and magical mirrored doors and even by intricate secret passages in the garden where you can cross the fabrics of space and time.

Oh I think that’s the passage where fairies and creepy night creatures that live in the Privet behind our little cottage come to be… 

Oh dear, is my imagination running away with me again?  If it is, and you think I'm a little odd, or a lot odd, I hope at least you'd believe that your dreams do create a special kind of magic.. ;)    

I love this quote:

 Good night everyone!


  1. Cielo,
    Not odd at all, our world really is so full of magic, if we just pause long enough to recognize it!! Keep dreaming :)
    sugar, spice and whatever's nice

  2. I´m so glad the kitty is ok.The sound of rain in the wee hours of the morning is so lulling, isn´t it? It makes you appreciate the warm bed all the more. I often wake up to rainy mornings this time of year, but then the sun slowly melts the clouds away as it comes up and soon all that´s left is the lingering fragrance of damp soil and freshly opened flowers. I love all the statuary in your garden Cielo, you´ve inspired me to see if I can find some pretty cherubs and nymphs for my own garden.

  3. Lovely thought provoking post and your writing makes my imagination run free when l'm reading it, so thank you for that....l'm not sure about portals or magic but in my (limited) experience cats sure are super sleuths....wishing you a wonderful weekend:-)

  4. Also l love, love, love your header, that painting is awesome.

  5. catching up here... -smile-

    you are still working, working, working. but you have had time to find magic again.

    even in the midst of all the work, both inside and outside, your imagination and whimsey are still very alive.

    thank you!

    gentle hugs,

  6. The realms are real, and your imagination is the place that sees them. I used to see them and sense them all the time, even have that realm come to me and speak to me....literally, out even others could hear them :D Lately things have been so mundane, like muggles from Potter movies, I fear I am having a muggle spell that is lasting far too long!
    The disappearing beloved cat did the same, vanished....also quite literally, from a small room, no open windows or doors, that beautiful, loving, tender, affectionate loving feline vanished,,,,,yet she gave me a sign before leaving and though I questioned her behavior about it, I didn't understand what it meant.....the next morning she was vanished from her room. Cats are living portals between dimensions, they protect magical women.

  7. Your enchantment is so good Cielo, thank God for you and your presence here, it is such a good connection for me. I will come back soon, I will.


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