Thursday, December 15, 2016

Our living room

Today I'm going to show you our small living room, all decorated up for the holidays.  I have to tell you though you'll be surprised to find how simple things are 'round here.  I'm not the 'overdoer' type of a girl on just about anything, and prefer to keep my decor low-key when it comes to Christmas decorating.  I do love to get into the holiday spirit, but without going over the top.  Small lights are my favorites, and I use them all year around.   I have a medium-sized Christmas tree in the living room that I have decorated it using only clear lights, pinecones I collected from the woods and some burlap trims.  Simple, yet elegant.

A small Christmas tree sits in the kitchen area, where I also tried to keep holiday decorating simple, inexpensive and festive, as you've seen HERE.  I am only using a few baubles there, a vintage plate filled with Christmas ornaments in gold, cherubs and some little vases with greenery in it to bring in the organic look I so love...  But that's it.  So, let go to the living room shall we!

As you can see, it is only this unpretentious Christmas tree, a plump white vase filled with branches, holiday poinsettias and some Christmas ornaments in the coffee table... and of course, this super adorable, magical Santa's little helper here!

I adore this little elf with leafy wings!  Part elf, part fairy!  I found him at a thrift store a couple of years ago and immediately became my 'baby' every since...  He lights up the entire room with that smile and red shoes.   He's just so festive!  

He brings a smile to my face every time I see him.   An African carved wooden plate filled with gold ornaments adds to the Christmas decor and compliments the gold touches around the living room

Just the normal everyday decor on the table facing the windows

 Love the  little royal blue table for a pop of color on that corner... 

Remember the coffee table I had in our living room a while back?  

Pretty, and perfect, I know.  But I knew it didn't really go with the modern vibe I had going in there.  I knew exactly what I wanted: a hand-wrought iron, tempered glass table with an antiqued gold-painted finish.  Any of the coffee tables found at One Kings Lane or West Elm website had been a dream come true to me.  Of course, less the $2,000 they cost.  You know me.  I'm that frugal type of a gal who believes that wise spending, DIY, contentment and simplicity go hand in hand when making a cheerfully live on less home...  so I waited. 

Then one day a few months ago I finally found the perfect coffee table I'd been looking for at a thrift store... unloved, dirty, glass covered in adhesive tape, but it was large, square, modern, monochrome, beveled glass top and only 12.00.    

Nothing you couldn't fix with some water, soap and metallic paint!  The last step was removing all the grime and tape adhesive from the mirror with a little bit of vegetable oil on a cloth and lots of patience.  Then, magic unfolded!

Next, was the area rug.  I love the area rug I had there, but thought it was too small.  I wanted a Killdeer Gray/Off-White area rug like the ones I'd seen in Wayfair, or a Tuscan Moroccan Shag, but didn't want to pay the high cost.  I am lucky, because down the hill a little farther down our subdivision there's a little place where the owners sell repos and brand-new overstock from top selling stores and big box companies for a discounted price.  They got it all from household items, clothing, furniture, you name it.  I couldn't believe the amount of beautiful, large area rugs they brought in the other day... I bought two.  This one here in our living room cost me only $10.00.  It was a little stained on the corners, but perfectly clean now.

I love this space so much!  The amount of light we get here in the early morning is amazing.  It is like an enchanting little place where light, whites, blacks and golds play a happy tune with your heart...

That's it!  I hope you enjoyed strolling through! ;)  How do you decorate for the holidays?  Do you like to go overboard with it or are you a minimalist too?  Do share!





  1. Wonderful redoing of an old unloved table! And marvelous use of a found rug. If only more people would do such, or could do such. :-)

    When one comes in your front door, is there a coat "rack" of some kind, right in front of one? I see a little jog, into the living room. But don't remember you showing that little wall.

    Yes, I love to notice all details! :-)))))))) And I'm not too shy to ask. :-)

    But that's because...

    I am a Crone!

    Wishing you sparkles, and faerie lights, and sugar plum dreams!
    Luna Crone

    1. You're right... my entrance is so small not even a coat rack would fit in there. Just that little blue table in the corner, and if you want in make sure you open that door as wide as it goes, or you won't fit... that's how tiny it is. ;)


  2. I am impressed with your Christmas tree, I really like the addition of the pine cones. What I find I really admire the most in your living room is the lovely black and white tree print. So beautiful.

  3. Gorgeous room! Love the tree, and what bargains on your table and rug! Great job!!


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