Thursday, December 29, 2016

Happy New Year!

The end of another year.  Days are too short.  Life too swift.  Too uncertain.  Too precious to not want to live it to its fullest.  Like the stories of some magical book, life unfolds.  Each page differently.  Each page created as we read.  Pages chock-full of adventures, good and bad.  Love, betrayal, secrets, and suspense leading up to a larger reveal.  A book read too fast if you ask me... its pages turned too quickly and many a time not fully understood, or enjoyed to the utmost.  We remember specifically happy scenes of previous chapters, and we want to flip those pages back, read them again, live those moments that had so beautifully captivated us again and again, but the end it's yet to be read.  We must continue reading till we reach the end of that book that it is our life.  I am frightened by what I may encounter in those pages ahead, what ghosts must I meet, what waters must I cross... frightened by those goodbyes I must say as I read and compose the book of my life...  I want the narration beautiful, the chapters sweet and long and the story to unwind like numbers in a combination lock, with a subtle intricacy giving way to a conclusion that will forever leave me in awe.  Oh, I know I'm not alone on this.  Ordinary people may see only a hopeless end, but the true Christian knows best... we rejoice in an endless hope.  Even if the chapters in the book of our lives are not coming to fruition as we might had expected to, or dreamed of, or wished for.  Ah yeah, at the end, we'll be alright! 

“I’ve read the last page of the Bible. It’s all going to turn out all right.”  ~ Billy Graham

Happy New Year, friends!


  1. This is a lovely new year's meditation, Ceilo. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.♥

  2. Yes, life is swift and precious. It makes me think I may need to take more risks and be less tenacious at holding onto security. Security is of course and illusion anyway. Happy New Year to you too Ceilo.

  3. The older I get, the less I want to dwell on the swiftness of time passage. :-) Some might say, that is a "sticking one's head in the sand" sort of attitude. But for me, it isn't.

    We all know that our time on this lovely Earth, has a beginning, middle, and end. Of course we do. But my attitude is: Why take away the Joy, which we can find in Life, by dwelling on its End?

    Just like, no good or change, can be brought about, by worry. We know this too! But still, how much time, do we waste, in worry??????? About this and that and everything under the sun? And what does accomplish? Nothing!

    Worry. What does it get us? NOTHING. But lost time, when we could have been Joyful.

    My attitude. Not everyone's of course.

    I just discovered, by thoughts prompted by my comment, in another lovely blog.... That if I had a "Year Word", it would be "Flow". And really, really, really appreciate what I have. And even Flow with the things, which don't go so well.

    None of this means, that I am not going to try to fix things, which can be fixed. There are always things which can/should be done. Flow doesn't mean, just give up. But I'd like to even do those (fixing) things, with Flow. If that makes any sense. :-)

    New Year's Blessings,
    Luna Crone

  4. I'm SO thankful for the hope we have for our eternal future! Happy New Year!!

  5. Happy New Year. Beautiful thoughts. We know the ending of the story.

  6. Happy New Year Cielo! I really loved this post. How true your words.

  7. Cielo wishing you a Happy New Year with many wonderful surprises! I don't worry about tomorrow! I don't look back. I choose to live my life in the now and feel joy! Keep your magic spark!


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