Thursday, December 8, 2016

Roses in December and something more...

On the first day of December the other day, I went to my wintry-looking garden and collected the last roses that were still blooming in my Ellie rose bush...

I decided to cut long stems this time—something I wouldn't normally do in the summer time when all my roses are in their prime, and mainly because I always feel I'm doing something terribly wrong to Nature by cutting so much.  But now that bushes are ready to go dormant, I allowed me this pleasure without the least of regrets or nasty feelings of guilt...  

This was such a special bouquet being this late in the year for roses, and I love it so much, I didn't know exactly where to place it to do those roses honor.   Here, or here or there... 

I finally decided I should keep it here... under the gaze of my new bullhead—my favorite boho treasure lately...

 I love him so much!  He's my new love these days...

He looks perfectly bohemian in my boho room!

And perfect as a jewelry holder too!

I thought he would appreciate some dried roses embellishing his head... sorry bull! ;)

Then the other day I added a few more bouquets in that little table under him

and created a little altar of sorts...

Head over heels in love with him!

It's been raining for days around here... wonderful, magical rainy days that have allowed me to cocoon inside my cozy nest and spend my days dreaming away... sitting in my rain-kissed front porch in my pjs and a steaming cup of coffee, watching the rain... 

...watching the birds in our backyard in all their shenanigans and thinking I need to add some more feeders to attract some more variety of birds.  This little Northern Flicker here had the hardest of time trying to figure out where the food was on this feeder... the poor thing.  He was so cute!  

Birds bring so much joy to my days...

My very favorite thing about winter...

The amount of birds I get to see in my garden...

Can you count how many birds are on this tree?  They resemble Christmas tree baubles against the muted wintry background of the landscape...

Wishing you simple beauty and inner peace.

 Hope you're all doing wonderful, wherever you are...

ps:  Thank you for all the comments left on my previous post...

I so enjoyed reading them all!


  1. You took some gorgeous photos of the birds! I love your roses, and they look pretty wherever you place them. If you cut them you always get way more than what you started with. Just down to a leave with five and look for that tiny little bud smaller than a seed. xoxo

    1. Thank you for the tip, my friend. I'll try this next spring... (already dreaming about it) ;)


  2. Love your roses. We have a Rose of Sharon bush that we hang bird feeders in. I love it when I look out the dining room window that the bush and feeders are full of birds. I love to take pictures of them. I love it when we get a rare snow and the birds are feeding at the birdfeeders. Lovely post.

    1. How lovely it sounds... I can see these images clearly in my mind. Thanks for sharing these bit of loveliness with me, Renee!


  3. Simply beautiful bird photos!

    So love the ones of the cardinals.

    You have a lovely camera.

    Gentle Winter hugs,
    Luna Crone

  4. Your blog is beautiful but your bull head is not a bull ... it's a ram.

    1. Oh how cute... a ram! Sorry Ram! ;)


    2. Well, actually no. After I thought about it, I will have to disagree. A ram is the male member of sheep, while a bull is the male member of cattle. They are not part of the same family. And they don't look anything alike. Rams are male bighorn sheep, and they can be identified by their long, curved horns. My bull is definitely a bull.



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