Saturday, February 28, 2015

Hello hello hola there!

Nature has this incredible way of making my heart happy… and my babies are the sunshine in which my heart dances…. how marvelous to be able to share their lives for a few days… their innocent giggles and dirty hands and smiley faces and tantrums a few… and then, there’s this vastness in which the world dwells in here… immense, lovely vastness of emptiness that lets you see beyond the unseen all the way to the rising dark blue mountains at the end of the horizon. 

Naked trees everywhere are getting ready for the “Grand Awakening”… the magical time of year when the earth gets to be dressed in garments of petals and leaves and raindrops at the touch of spring.   I am so missing my little cottage.  I hear that these past few days we had a snow storm passed by our area and my little wild garden by the woods got covered up in snow… the oddest of things if you ask me, because who would have thought that we were to continued on experiencing snow… in the south of all places!  But oh doesn't this looks lovely!  Wish I had been there to enjoy it!

This morning I was looking at some photographs of our little cottage this past summer and my heart was alight with joy and anticipation of warm days and firefly illuminated nights… oh friends I want to plant more roses, and I want climbers growing at the feet of both columns in our front porch… climbing roses that would intertwine at the roof forming arches of glories all throughout our summers…

Green green I’m craving the color green.  And I’m hoping our pond gets to have some real dwellers of the living variety this summer… we had the first frog last year, but I only saw it twice.

And the mighty-little forest behind...
I wonder if the crow-witches who live in the privet might be feeling lonesome without me
that would rumple up my spirit for sure ;)

Right before I left the little white cottage my husband took these photos of me in the garden…. It was so cold that day and I was wearing my new wooly scarf as a shawl round my shoulders… it is so warm and soft.  I hope my feathered friends are still coming by.  I left them plenty of food, so they should be fine.  And the feral cats… where do they hide when days and nights are this cold?  I wonder.  I hope they’re doing well. 

It is so good to be alive, be able to see those things-little-big miracles that are so freely exposed in Nature, but that only the few can see… because oh, there are some people that cannot-would not see how amazing this old world of us it truly is… I hope you do, wherever you are... 

I haven’t been by the house in the roses yet, but I’m planning on going there soon I hope.  
I can hardly wait!
Should I dance among the sleepy roses?
Should I sing them a song?
I shall I shall wake them up!!
Hopefully they will remember me?

I hope you all are doing well
Sending you angel feathers
to remind you that they do walk among us!
Much love







Saturday, February 21, 2015


Home!… back to our little bastion… of warmth, and solace and quietude and of do what you want whenever you want… 

...home to your everyday white dishes and little white kitchen equipped to your ways and needs...

...and in your bedroom, the big cushy floppy white cloud of a bed covered in pillows… the ones that have the right shape under your neck, the ones that always maintain the form of your head in the perfect softness—keeper of your best dreams and desires. 

And in the morning… well, what a surprise it was waking up to a ruffle of white powered sugar all over the land.

Birds are nowhere to be seen.  Squirrels are cozying up together in their dreys, up high in the forks of trees and rabbits in their warm and cozy burrows are sleeping the day away…

And I… well, I am also getting ready to embrace some much colder weather.  Yikes!  ;)  Yes yes I am off to the house in the roses tomorrow!  Burrrrh!  Don’t ask me why I chose to fly there in February… boy what was I thinking! ;)

I had to buy a new winter coat because I gave mine away when we moved south thinking I was not going to use it ever again... duh! And I got these cute above the ankle boots… pretty lace top legwarmer boot topper, new necklace and the warmest chunky knit winter scarf ever… so soft too!

Off I go to our old dear place, to winter whites and skies with cotton candy tints and to the girls who keep me smiling and with a heart full of sunshine.  And perhaps… hoping and dreaming of walking the lonesome winter garden of my yesterdays too…

See you all soon!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Just wanted to peek in and say hello!

I hear that in the little town where sits the little white cottage, thick coats have been taken out of closets. Fires are blazing. Soups are simmering.  And people sit by their windows watching for the first sign of snow.  It’s been super cold, but we’ve been spared from bitter winds, and have been enjoying gorgeous Florida sunshine, in gator parks and airboat rides… 

As nice as this is… I’m so missing our nest.   
Take me home country roads!
Hope you're keeping warm and happy wherever you are


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The earth grows back

The sun has come out to play...

 It is warming up the afternoon in golden globules of excitement and gentle abandonment…

I amble through the garden unaware of time.   
Oblivious of space I follow the light...
Aware only of this new effervescent surge of life all around.  

The earth grows back
Had I noticed until now?
The essence of Spring is everywhere... 
And whose eyes are watching me from above?

Whose eyes are those watching me from the ground.  Whose heads pushing through the womb of the earth… bursting through life—the hostas, the Shasta Daisy, the hydrangea, the early bulbs.  Life wakening. 

Then… there… over the bridge and beyond, a mystifying sound scrapes the ground. Small sounds in the brush—unrelenting.  

 I turn around; eyes searching the air ears focused on the unknown heart a-leaping racing thoughts.  “Spirit, don’t you know it’s a world of wonders out there?”.

Oh but I do want to know… who lives there with no stone to mark the place, what intriguing housing complexes and residents perched on the tops?

If I could be on the other side of the bridge without having to cross it, I would have gone there a long time ago, but alas, there is only mystery below and beyond… brief flickers, strange scratches of moment through dense trees and brush…

And sometimes… there too... the silent dwellers of the woods.  

 Their countenances appear disappear, vanishing like a beating of wings… 

I'm then reminded that...
"The breezes at dawn have secrets to tell you...
You must ask for what you really want. 
People are going back and forth across the doorsill
where the two worlds touch. 
The door is round and open..."

Everything is not always rosy in the garden of life.  Yet, we can always decide to live life connected to the wonder and see the world through the eyes of a child.  Breathe in and live and be reminded of the power of hope and the miracle that life truly is.  

Thank you for coming by... may you find time to stop and appreciate the wonder you have seen and remind yourself to look for the blessing in life.  The more you seek what you want the more it comes to you!  

Monday, February 9, 2015

This and that and more...

And what’s the matter with birds?  For several days now, it’s been a bird craze around here.  I look outside the windows and count so many birds at one time… blue jays, chickadees, white throat sparrows, tufted titmouse, cardinals and mockingbirds. 

The other day, it was a plethora of black birds… on the ground and in trees; filling the air in a magical whizzing all ‘round…   

Is this a typical winter behavior for birds?   I only know I love it.

And in the house...
Adding too many pillows to your sofa—do you consider it a decorating mistake?

Perhaps.  But sometimes…. sometimes that’s just the way I like it! ;)

 And that's perfectly alright...
Even if others won't agree...

And have I ever mentioned how I love textile?  Fabric can hold so much life in it; all of them.  But I find that there are some special fabrics out there that I cannot just ignore.  Do you have this feeling for fabric and textiles sometimes?  I know I do! ;)

Like this light-floaty little size one dress I found at a second hand store the other day.   
Never to be worn, but a happy treasure nevertheless.


Palettes of soft pastels inspired by elements of nature 
like the sky, flowers and landscapes


For me, it doesn’t have to be anything grand. It could be an op-shop find or a hand-me-down piece of fabric.  More than often while at my roundabouts at a given thrift store I'm prompted to buy a child’s piece of clothing just because I like it.  Or it may be a garment that doesn’t fit me, but I love… like this other little dress here...

Isn't this the cutest ever!
Light and gauzy and the perfect colors…
I keep it in my bedroom, hung from the armoire...
I love to pass by and see it there.

We’ve been busy prettying up our garden… working on making a new arbor and such… rain and clouds are predicted; rain all week, but we’re already reaching the 60s and my spirit is high with the anticipation of spring and growing things in the garden, and bird courtship and sunshiny days.   Our pond cracked under the perils of the last big freeze of a few weeks ago, but my husband had it sealed it again yesterday, and it is now ready for the bubbling sound of water again.  I want to live in my garden; forget about mosquitoes and poison ivy, dare go beyond the bridge at the edge of the garden and into the woods.  Be free, get some dreadlock extensions and wear them too.  I want to get some pepper spray and immobilize those vicious dogs that roam free when I’m roaming free around our neighborhood.  Bark back at them.  Bite their owner's legs for letting them go loose.  I want to grow giant elephant ears plants all over the garden; hide in them, dance around the fairy birdbath at sundown, bath in the pond on hot summer nights, drink coffee in the morning, sing a new song.  Am I crazy?  Childish?  Nonsense.  I just want to be me.

Thanks for stopping by, friends!

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