Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Excerpts of my life

I started running again this week.  It’s been very cold around here, but sunshiny mornings are promising and my journeys through our hilly neighborhood have been a most delightful imposition on my spirit.   Going up a rigorous hill yesterday proved that I am not in the best of shapes, but because I was able to maintain my usual easy run pace for a while I thought I could make it up that hill and only slowed down when I noticed I was struggling to breath.  It took some awful moments of utterly helplessness and panic before my heart rate started slowing down and I was finally able to calmed down.  What an awful moment that was.

Not every day is a sunny day around here these days; in fact if it isn’t rain, is cold and cloudiness so nippy that your best alternative is just to stay inside, enjoy your tea and try to keep warm… 

...but what a privilege is being able to stay home…
like a happy cat sitting by the window enjoying the scenery outside.

I love the few hours before dark on wintry days, love to stand directly under the heating vents on the ceiling and feel the warmth that flows down when I’m feeling super cold, love my books and magazines in the morning, a cup of coffee in mid-afternoon, writing on rainy days, homemade bread and black bean soup in crock pot smells after four o’ clock.  

How much do you love winter? Are you a person who can't wait for the temperatures to drop? Or are you a person who can't wait to bust out the shorts and tank tops? 

Whatever your preference, be happy and enjoy your little moments… life is a gift from God above. Live each day with peace and love; no matter what storm travels through.



  1. I am so sorry you had such a scare while out excercising. I have started running on my treadmill the past week. And gosh....I ain't what I used to be. ?.... It is nice to walk outside though. Take it a little slower. I'll be by in the morning for a cup of tea.

  2. There´s nothing like exercising in the crisp morning air, it sort of leaves you with a high that lasts for the rest of the day doesn´t it? I love nippy mornings and warm afternoons best. No icy cold weather for me!

  3. exercise feels good when its a habit, but when you take a break its hard to get back to where you were. The older you get the harder it is but its more important.
    I love all the seasons for what they bring. The spring is beautiful with all its newness, flowers, life etc. Summers warmth on your skin and all the doors and windows of the house open to fresh air. Fall and winter are the same in San Diego, the cold chill to the air that is fresh and tingly on your skin and begs for a warm, cozy fire that wraps around you like a warm blanket. The colors of orange and red that enliven the senses.
    So much beauty

  4. Hope you don't have anymore scares like that.

    I have mixed feelings about winter. I actually like the fact that I don't have so much to do with gardens, canning, freezing things. It is a good time for me to crochet, knit, other things. I do like snow that is pretty and leaves quickly. I really love sunny days better than the blah, grey days we have way too often. All your pictures are lovely.


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