Thursday, September 18, 2014

The gypsy room...

Autumn has not shown its full-true face around here yet, but days have that sleepy, golden look they get just before summer slips over the edge of the world.  I am excitedly waiting for those magical October days.  So many unsettling things going on around the world, so much pain and hurt.  And why can't us humans make peace instead of hate?  Haven't we tasted enough of that already?  I feel cold inside at times. But My Heavenly Father is a golden fountain, splashing me inside and out with warm shining love. Wishing I could go hide away in my little gypsy room and be enfolded in peaceful thoughts.

I'm leaving you here some of the images floating in my mind right now... My lovely gypsy room. Enjoy!


  1. Oh that room! It makes my heart glad to rest my weary eyes on those uplifting vignettes! I'm starved for drenching color! I love the artistic way you play it all together. And the white furniture and wall really sets the groundwork! Isn't it funny. Your style in House in the a Roses was exquisite, and your style here is also exquisite... But they are quite different, don't you think? I loved them both... This has more bold whimsy, that had more of the softer charm... I'm totally in love with the pops of vivid red... I really like the gypsy room... Hugs. I know how the news can depress. It's truly sad! I cannot seem to avoid it, but I do try. That may be irresponsible, but I cannot help them by knowing... I feel that way, but in don't know... Ostrich mentality is bad, too... Oh, well... I will think later! Hugs!

  2. I read recently to bring calm and and joy into your home we should really limit the time we spend watching the news to a bare minimum. I know we cannot just bury our head in the sand and we should be very aware of what is happening, but enough is enough. Life is short. So embrace the many blessings in your life and grab all the happiness your heart can hold. God will get us through it all. Girl, cuddle up in that gypsy room and enjoy!

  3. Love your pictures today...I also love the vibrant colors and roses...this is what always made me look forward to looking at your blog each day along with your inspirational writings. It is so hard to watch the news each day...there is a lot of hate in the world but also a lot of love...I choose to consentrave on the good and beautiful things life has to show each of us. Have a good weekend!

  4. Thank you for this lovely Post...The Pictures are great...
    Have a sunny weekend.
    Greedings from Germany

  5. I am a little late reading this wonderful post. I love the beauty in your heart and how it comes out with your decorating.


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