Sunday, July 17, 2016

Staying cool

It's been so hot here lately, I have lost all interest whatsoever in working outside, and look forward to a respite brought by heavy rain... and the skies are teasing us, with clouds low and dark and full of promises... yet, the doors of heaven won't open up upon us...  hot hot, and dried beyond belief.  So dried it's been, that my funny husband, the Fisherman, have decided to paint the grass, or whatever is left of it... really, paint the grass!  Have you ever heard of such a thing? He he...  poor guy!  

Paint made for the sole purpose of camouflaging dead, dried grass?  Until the weather subsides, and the rains scatter away the heat and calm the land, bringing moisture near the soil and life to surface again... I am already looking forward to those pre-autumnal days, and keeping inside as much as my wild heart allows me...

It's been so much fun decorating our little white cottage in Shabby Chic again... I had forgotten how lovely all these things are... pastels, flowers, lots of it, textiles, little pretty things, pink things, baby blue things, dried petals and lace and such...  

I've been working inside during these hot days, and have been organizing my closet and getting rid of a lot of things in there...  I'm not returning to my past, so I have gotten rid of all my black work suits and winter attire.  Even if I decide to go back to work again, I won't be needing most of those things any more, because my needs, and sense of style have changed.  The same goes for most of my high heels, which are now gone too.   Now those days seem like a lifetime ago.  It always amazes me how our definition of happiness changes as we get older... the way you see life changes too, and experiences of happiness as being times when you felt excited, ecstatic, or elated, are now changed by moments of feeling peaceful, relaxed, and in total peace with yourself, with just the way you are, or the way you look, regardless of what others may think... in total peace with your Creator, and those around you... this kind of happiness is less about what lies ahead, and more about being content in your current circumstances... these feelings call for a total new style... a new closet, me thinks!

Stay cool, girls!  And may you enjoy each quiet moments with yourself...





  1. Change is part of life and you are moving on to a new phase; enjoy!

  2. Oh... sounds like You are describing North Central Florida. HOT!! And barely any respite of be found in the rain. Clouds built, a tease ,thunder rumble... a sprinkle, then nothing. Too hot to be in the gardens... too hot period.
    Here's to cooler days. Rain showers....

  3. Dear Cielo, what a gorgeous post today! The riot of colours and so much prettiness! It's Winter where I live, so I have forgotten already, the heat of the Summer months. I used to love Summer and dread I see it as a time to nurture self and home. I see you do that, no matter the weather! Love, Mimi xxx

  4. What a beautiful post and I am loving you decor. Love, love the turquoise wallpaper. I have been doing the same this summer purging my home. It's a great feeling. Simple is better. Thank you for partying with Dishing it and Digging it link party. We love having you.

  5. I love this part of you.... Very nice post... Our weather in San Francisco has been yuk... Windy cold most days barely sunny... With love Janice

  6. Dear Cielo:
    Love love your cottage and style. It will be 97 here tomorrow so I soooooo understand. I have been doing the same - gathering cookbooks, moving around teapots, cups and saucers and looking out the windows. So glad I got the garden "put in" when I did - early. Now if it just rains tonight I won't have to water!Thank you so much for linking and sharing!

  7. I know how you feel, the heat has me escaping inside too! I am loving your soft romantic design style, plus that quilt! That is absolutely stunning!

  8. Beautiful and "relatable" post. Love shabby chic.

  9. We are having more cold weather than hot and our summers are so short here that it's rather disappointing. It seems most have weather they aren't happy with, one way or the other.
    Your cottage is charming and the pictures so lovely and soothing. Hope you get your rain soon. Thank you for sharing and linking.



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