Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Back home

After two weeks of togetherness, my little cottage feels empty. We took mom and dad back to their Florida home over the long weekend, and got back home to our little white cottage late yesterday evening... mixed emotions permeate my little heart, which right this moment is a flower in its imperial glories, denying all beauty.  And it rather wants to stay tucked away under the shades of that part of the garden of life where it is damped, mournful and where evil imps and fairies taunt the spirit and laugh at you, and make you shed tears. But I won't... I simply refuse to surrender to gloominess and sadness and chose to concentrate in the open blue sky under the sunshine of my Heavenly Father's eternal love... that's what I'll do!

The Asiatic lilies are all in bloom. Early this spring, I moved every bulb from wherever I had planted them originally and put them back in the ground in one big clump.

Now, rather than blooming here and there as they were supposed to, they are all blooming in one same spot, providing a solid mass of beautiful, showy flowers...

And always, always... the dark green lushness of the mysterious woods for a background... to cover tears and vanish sins...

I love this place... I love it with all my heart, and with all the depths and offerings of my humble soul. I cannot love this place any more than I already do... my heart finds its rest here, I find my voice in the green suppleness that suffocates it and in the darkness that shrouds it... and when my eyes searches for miracles, I find them here too. 

Roses are found everywhere... carrying in delicate petals the sounds of my name...

...and at the pond, a miracle had unfolded... babies--dozen of baby fishes were born this spring!

It is so beautiful here and so lush with all the lovely plants growing there, it is hard to believe this is the same place I saw that first day when I discovered our little white cottage... unbelievable, really!
I found this lovely mosaic hummingbird birdbath for a few dollars at our Goodwill.  I had to laugh out loud when I discovered it, because it almost felt as if God himself, knowing me, had it confectioned just for me... and there it was, unseen and untouched, until I laid eyes on it... how beautiful, and lucky for me!

I've been cleaning and decorating our little white cottage all day today... playing around with dear little treasures, such as flowers and textiles and moving things around... I'm loving the color pink these days, and are favoring the Shabby Chic style over my usual modern, black and white decor.  So I've changed everything in our guest room, which it is also my playroom, my gypsy room and my everything in between room, and made it into a lovely, pink, girly place to be... for now.

Tomorrow, I am planing on working on repainting, or retouching parts of the white walls and trims and I will be also working on the tile grout on the kitchen floors as well... but for now, I'll enjoy all the little precious moments, as they come... one by one, like little blessed raindrops sent from the house of God. 

And how are you doing?  Anything exciting going on in your woods?  Oh, I do hope you are having a splendid day!


  1. Love your fou d bird bath I love love humming birds. Nice find. Love your pillows as well pretty color. It's always said when we part with someone we love... With love Janice

  2. Dearest Cielo. What a beautiful and restorative post. Begone sadness, and let the light in, I say! Your garden and birdbath are dreamy and your bedroom makeover reminds us all that we don't have to be locked into a single style. Just glorious! Much love, Mimi xxx

  3. Cielo: You have beautifully transformed your home. I'm glad to see the pink and a more shabby chic vibe return. It reminds me of your house in the roses, which I absolutely loved. Time with your parents - precious! You are blessed. Thanks for adding beauty to our lives via your blog in the midst of this crazy world in which we live.

    1. Joanie, I too am happy to see pink return, here. If only in one room. :-)

      I do so love pink-and-pretty. And so loved "The House In The Roses." And I just had to say this to you.

      Can't find a blog by you, so I say it here.

      Luna Crone

    2. Yes. No blog. I think about blogging sometimes, but it seemed quite daunting. Blessing to you too on this beautiful day.

  4. Dear One, I fear that our minds, are far from peaceful, at our cottage. But like you, I will not stay in the clutches of fear and anxiety and worry. I will not. Even if I have to renew this wish, over and over and over again.

    At such times, we have to find our quiet place... And you have your lovely, lovely garden. Which you have created, by long labor. Long labor. None of it happened, by happenstance. It was created by you! How much Joy, this must bring you...

    I have flowers, but don't have a special garden. And I have a long-lived-in home. And a long-lived-with husband. We both agree, on our need to dismiss all the fretting, over all which we have no control over. So we back each other up, in this.

    I am sorry for whatever brings you discontent. Reading between the lines, I think one can surmise the reason. I wish you all the will in the world, to not let needless worry, envelop you. And I wish the same for myself.

    Luna Crone


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