Monday, February 9, 2015

This and that and more...

And what’s the matter with birds?  For several days now, it’s been a bird craze around here.  I look outside the windows and count so many birds at one time… blue jays, chickadees, white throat sparrows, tufted titmouse, cardinals and mockingbirds. 

The other day, it was a plethora of black birds… on the ground and in trees; filling the air in a magical whizzing all ‘round…   

Is this a typical winter behavior for birds?   I only know I love it.

And in the house...
Adding too many pillows to your sofa—do you consider it a decorating mistake?

Perhaps.  But sometimes…. sometimes that’s just the way I like it! ;)

 And that's perfectly alright...
Even if others won't agree...

And have I ever mentioned how I love textile?  Fabric can hold so much life in it; all of them.  But I find that there are some special fabrics out there that I cannot just ignore.  Do you have this feeling for fabric and textiles sometimes?  I know I do! ;)

Like this light-floaty little size one dress I found at a second hand store the other day.   
Never to be worn, but a happy treasure nevertheless.


Palettes of soft pastels inspired by elements of nature 
like the sky, flowers and landscapes


For me, it doesn’t have to be anything grand. It could be an op-shop find or a hand-me-down piece of fabric.  More than often while at my roundabouts at a given thrift store I'm prompted to buy a child’s piece of clothing just because I like it.  Or it may be a garment that doesn’t fit me, but I love… like this other little dress here...

Isn't this the cutest ever!
Light and gauzy and the perfect colors…
I keep it in my bedroom, hung from the armoire...
I love to pass by and see it there.

We’ve been busy prettying up our garden… working on making a new arbor and such… rain and clouds are predicted; rain all week, but we’re already reaching the 60s and my spirit is high with the anticipation of spring and growing things in the garden, and bird courtship and sunshiny days.   Our pond cracked under the perils of the last big freeze of a few weeks ago, but my husband had it sealed it again yesterday, and it is now ready for the bubbling sound of water again.  I want to live in my garden; forget about mosquitoes and poison ivy, dare go beyond the bridge at the edge of the garden and into the woods.  Be free, get some dreadlock extensions and wear them too.  I want to get some pepper spray and immobilize those vicious dogs that roam free when I’m roaming free around our neighborhood.  Bark back at them.  Bite their owner's legs for letting them go loose.  I want to grow giant elephant ears plants all over the garden; hide in them, dance around the fairy birdbath at sundown, bath in the pond on hot summer nights, drink coffee in the morning, sing a new song.  Am I crazy?  Childish?  Nonsense.  I just want to be me.

Thanks for stopping by, friends!


  1. Lots of birds here also. May be the feeders i try to keep filled..but maybe..just maybe it is a sign of an early spring? Your pictures are pretty. Love lots and lots of pillows. Have a good week.

  2. A lot of those birds found their way to our front yard the other day. It sounded like something out of the movie The Birds out there :) but not so scary. I love bird watching. I've noticed lots of birds at the feeders when the weather changes.

    The 60s weather was so nice here the other day. I loved seeing sunshine again. But it is supposed to get cold here again on Thursday.

    We have been getting plant and seed catalogs in the mail. Now what to order :)

  3. Adding more pillows to you sofa can't really be considered a decorating mistake. At the very least, more pillows means more cushion for resting, which means added comfort. I think that is one of those cases where quantity can also mean quality. Anyway, you have a very nice home, Cielo! Thanks for sharing that! All the best to you!

    Melissa Robinson @ Pillow Perfect


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