Monday, February 2, 2015

The master bedroom

We went to Ikea yesterday and came home with some of their treasures…

Cushion covers for our master bedroom!  I love love decorative pillows.  They add so much softness and comfort to beds and sofas… and the best part—it is such a quick, affordable way to freshen up my rooms whenever I feel like a change.   Which happens very often, I should say ;)

I have so many pillows I don’t know what to do with them anymore.  But Ikea came up with the wonderful idea of selling covers so that I can continue changing the look of my rooms with pillows… You just stuff your old pillows into your new cushion covers and voila… instant new pillows without the expense and without having to figure out where to storage your old ones…

So I just stuffed my $35 Simply Shabby Chic Euro Sham Pillows into my new $7 Ikea covers and now my bedroom got a lovely new look…

Last summer I painted the furnishing in our master room… headboard, two night stands and a large chest of drawers.  They were too dark and dull looking for our little white cottage, but I didn’t want a positively true bright white paint for my furnishings either.  So, I chose a beautiful and elegant shade called “Primitive”, from Americana D├ęcor Chalky Finish Paint.  I spray-painted the originally silver knobs in black and replaced the knobs on the dresser with some ceramic knobs from Hobby Lobby. 

In my last post HERE on our master bedroom I mentioned how I wasn’t sure if the striking black and white window panels I got there originally were the right choice for that room, which was already overpowered by the amount of patterns I had there.  What was I thinking?  What a huge decorating mistake that was! 

So I replaced the patterned panels for all solid white cotton panels.  And also changed the black and white patterned area rug for this… the fur of cat, and it feels like one too… so soft!

My panels are from the Classic Cotton Panels line from Martha Stewart Living… They’re so soft and light, yet solid enough for privacy.  And I still get all the luster and brightness I love.   They make the room look bright and soothing at the same time.   

 What a huge different that alone made in the room…

I also white washed both the wicker baskets I have there… and hung some fairy lights for some bohemian love... I love how they twinkle my evenings away in voyages and dreams...

I’m now looking into changing the lamp shades for some solid whites… Isn’t this adorable?  So cottagey!  Also from Ikea.   

 They come in pendants and table lamps.  And at such affordable price too... only $39.99

My dream is to have the carpet replaced by hardwood floors some day... but that's still somewhere in a distant future. 

For now I’ll continue enjoying my little life as is… happy to live it simply and unpretentiously, as I try to make everything around me feel cozy and beautiful, on a budget.

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  1. Cielo, love your bedroom decor..I have been thinking to use more white in my bedroom..but with my 3 chinese crested and 21 year old cat sharing my bed will have to rethink :)

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