Saturday, February 28, 2015

Hello hello hola there!

Nature has this incredible way of making my heart happy… and my babies are the sunshine in which my heart dances…. how marvelous to be able to share their lives for a few days… their innocent giggles and dirty hands and smiley faces and tantrums a few… and then, there’s this vastness in which the world dwells in here… immense, lovely vastness of emptiness that lets you see beyond the unseen all the way to the rising dark blue mountains at the end of the horizon. 

Naked trees everywhere are getting ready for the “Grand Awakening”… the magical time of year when the earth gets to be dressed in garments of petals and leaves and raindrops at the touch of spring.   I am so missing my little cottage.  I hear that these past few days we had a snow storm passed by our area and my little wild garden by the woods got covered up in snow… the oddest of things if you ask me, because who would have thought that we were to continued on experiencing snow… in the south of all places!  But oh doesn't this looks lovely!  Wish I had been there to enjoy it!

This morning I was looking at some photographs of our little cottage this past summer and my heart was alight with joy and anticipation of warm days and firefly illuminated nights… oh friends I want to plant more roses, and I want climbers growing at the feet of both columns in our front porch… climbing roses that would intertwine at the roof forming arches of glories all throughout our summers…

Green green I’m craving the color green.  And I’m hoping our pond gets to have some real dwellers of the living variety this summer… we had the first frog last year, but I only saw it twice.

And the mighty-little forest behind...
I wonder if the crow-witches who live in the privet might be feeling lonesome without me
that would rumple up my spirit for sure ;)

Right before I left the little white cottage my husband took these photos of me in the garden…. It was so cold that day and I was wearing my new wooly scarf as a shawl round my shoulders… it is so warm and soft.  I hope my feathered friends are still coming by.  I left them plenty of food, so they should be fine.  And the feral cats… where do they hide when days and nights are this cold?  I wonder.  I hope they’re doing well. 

It is so good to be alive, be able to see those things-little-big miracles that are so freely exposed in Nature, but that only the few can see… because oh, there are some people that cannot-would not see how amazing this old world of us it truly is… I hope you do, wherever you are... 

I haven’t been by the house in the roses yet, but I’m planning on going there soon I hope.  
I can hardly wait!
Should I dance among the sleepy roses?
Should I sing them a song?
I shall I shall wake them up!!
Hopefully they will remember me?

I hope you all are doing well
Sending you angel feathers
to remind you that they do walk among us!
Much love








  1. Glad to hear you are enjoying time with loved ones. Especially the wee ones! We are supposed to have a few warm days next week. Hurry home. Keep in touch.

    1. Hi Jenny... thank you for sending love this way.... I miss our little cottage, miss the south miss my lovely southern friends... sending you a big hug.


  2. Enjoy your trip. I know you love visiting family.

    The snow was so pretty here. I love the snow that clings to the trees and makes it look like a winter wonderland.

    1. Oh wasn't that a lovely occasion... snow snow in the south snow in the woods and in the garden... what a grand thing that was... I'm glad you were able to enjoy it...



  3. I know you are enjoying your dear family! Say hello to the House in the Roses. It will remember you. It does my heart good to know you love your new home so much. I'm thinking something... Perhaps gardeners do that... Transplant well to new surroundings. After a bit in their new location, they begin to send out new shoots and then they blossom to the sky with beautiful faces!

    And you look so beautiful in your pretty hoots and scarf. Love to think of you there. I will enjoy hearing about your trips. Hugs...

    1. Hi lovely friend... I left you a message on my previous post.... I just wish we could meet one day. I always feel as if I've known you all my life... special soul you are.



  4. Ha ha... boots and scarf! Excuse me!

    1. Always...You are my kindred spirit
      The light in your soul is always with me
      And we'll hold each other under angel wings... ;)


  5. Replies
    1. Thank you! And nice meeting you!


  6. Your home is so pretty... and loved your photos. I sure wish our house backed up to a forest, I'd be out there all the time!


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