Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Just wanted to peek in and say hello!

I hear that in the little town where sits the little white cottage, thick coats have been taken out of closets. Fires are blazing. Soups are simmering.  And people sit by their windows watching for the first sign of snow.  It’s been super cold, but we’ve been spared from bitter winds, and have been enjoying gorgeous Florida sunshine, in gator parks and airboat rides… 

As nice as this is… I’m so missing our nest.   
Take me home country roads!
Hope you're keeping warm and happy wherever you are



  1. I told myself that I thought you were in Florida! It's funny how we begin to think about our blog friends. I am getting ready for the extreme cold, sub zero, tonight. It's hard to believe because the sunshine is precious and golden today... But if I open a door... I believe! Good night for soup, I'm thinking.

  2. Bitter winds here tonight. Coldest temps of the year. Enjoying time spent in front of fire place and catching up on Real Housewives tv series. LOL Florida is a good place to be right now. However that magical white cottage becons. Have a safe trip.

  3. You always find the cutest header pics. Nothing like being home, but warmth and sunshine make it bearable.
    Enjoy your visit.


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