Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Create, be inspired...

A while back I found this lamp in the trash at the storage place where we keep our stuff.  The prong connector was missing from the cord, and to tell you the truth, it wasn't something I wanted to see round the house.  But I did see some potential in it anyway.

When I got home I removed the entire electrical aspect of the lamp and throw it away, gave it a wash and started painting using some left over paints I had in the garage from previous projects... And here's the result. 

I decided to paint my lamp in two different shades to give it interest and highlight those lovely arms… for the body I used the same paint I used on my favorite chandelier HERE.  Just in case you care to know, I didn’t use the baking method this time to cure the glass.  I think it turned out so pretty!

In spring time when the wildflowers start to bloom, I will remove the top part of my newly invented vase and insert in the drum some of the prettiness of Nature growing out there...

For those of you who ask about my feral cats... they’re doing marvelous.  They come by every day, feed from the food I leave for them, drink from my fountains and I know that at east one of them has made his sleeping quarters on the settee in our front porch… but they’re definitely in a wild state. Trying to domesticate them would be no different than trying to make a squirrel or a raccoon a household companion ;) 

Gosh I love all this free time I have on my hands… time to write, decorate, be creative, be cozy, be warm and just let everyday of my life be a bad hair day!Pure Awesomeness to me! ;)  

Till next time...

Au revoir!



  1. Dreamy, dreamy, dreamy Cielo. Love!

  2. love how you transformed this lamp, but how did you remove the top to make it a vase? Wonderfully creative!

    1. Hi Ginny... luckily for me when I unscrewed the bottom part of the lamp to remove the cord, both the top and bottom part of it came off... ;)


  3. You are beautiful inside and out!!

  4. The vase is beautiful. Very creative. I love the colors.

  5. very clever. I like the way your vase turned out! You make happy use of your days and life. Good for you!

  6. Natural is beautiful!!


  7. Everything has a 2nd life, you find the most creative ways to express that. Beautiful colors on your new vase.


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