Monday, January 12, 2015

The master bathroom renovation

Have I mentioned that I’ve been working on renovating/sprucing up our master bathroom for awhile now?  Oh yes, and although it’s not a major makeover, the work done has made such a difference in there!

I wanted to wrap up this re-do fairly quickly, and my main goal was to inexpensively refresh the place and pretty it up a bit.

I started by restoring the grout on the floors using a toothbrush and a jug of white-colored Grout Renew.   Amazing what this miracle product can do for your old/stained grout.  And it sealed it too!  

I can’t stop admiring how clean the floors look now every time I step in…

I then repainted the yucky beige walls all in white.  Our little white cottage deserves all white walls… couldn’t have any other color there. 

I’m not one to cover up my walls in art/pictures and things like that.  I prefer the freshness of clean bare walls.  So I’m leaving the walls here as they are.  The room looks particularly lovely with the walls painted in white.  Everything looking clean and bright. 

Applying molding frames to the large mirror above the counter sinks was the next step.

We measured, cut, painted, removed the light fixture, and painted some more, glued, caulked, attached the light fixture back (twice because we did it wrong the first time), cleaned up... and voila! I chose to paint the frame in gray because it makes such a pretty statement against all the white… a boring sheet of glass turned into an elegant mirror!

The master bathroom in our little cottage doesn’t have a linen closet.  So baskets that fit in the corners were the key.  

Roll the towels up into a roll and put them endwise in the basket. Closet issues resolved.  

And this idea looks really nice.  Consider it part of the d├ęcor. 

I later rescued and restored this pretty vintage chifferobe here 
that now holds all of our bath essentials and more…

I love that it only cost me $80.00 versus the $775 chifferobe found on at Etsy store that served as my inspiration.

I added some feminine touches to the room too…
always changing things there; moving things around...

Cut glass candle lights holders for those bubble baths by candle light

White roses in a pretty vintage vase

Lovely things...

A $5.00 candelabra found at "El Pulguero", a fleamarket in FL


My new shower curtain is the final touch… for now...

I wanted a double ruffle shower curtain similar to one I discovered on an Etsy store, but I wasn’t going to pay the $325 for it… so I bought this lovely shower curtain with crouched, bottom edge at Target for $40 and then had my friend Mayra added the ruffles and lace peeking through between ruffles.

So pretty!  I cannot love it more!

Little changes under a budget that can make such great difference!  I’m still planning on applying molding frame to the larger mirror above the tub to match the other and a towel rack above the toilet for some pretty towels.  I am also looking for a smaller version of the chandeliers we have in our kitchen area to go here for some added charm and elegance.   For now this is it.  Hope I was able to inspire you!


  1. Just beautiful! And I love clean white walls in a bathroom...looks so elegant!

  2. You,ve been busy! That shower curtain is to die for...but my favorite is the chifferobe. I have been so buzy with office work. But this certainly gets me to thinking and a wishing. LOL Good job on your sprucing up.

  3. So pretty. Looks so nice. The shower curtain turned out so pretty.

  4. Wow! Your master bathroom looks very regal. You should keep on that track you have started, and all the bits and pieces you have laid out on. Those are bound to add up to a good tapestry, with hopefully more than functioning, but efficient plumbing in the form of the pipes and sinks. Thanks for sharing that! All the best!

    Lovella Cushman @ Perfection Plumbing

  5. So, this is the thing that has kept you busy lately, huh? Well, I think all your efforts have paid off. Your bathroom looks amazing! Everything is so organized and neat! Cheers!

    Steve Beliveau @ First Class Inspections

  6. Thanks for the update on your master's bathroom. It seems like things have been executed really well. I just hope that the plumbing was kept intact, or checked for problems during the renovation, so that you don’t have to worry about leaks and whatnot. Good day!

    Wilfred Andrews @ LB Plumbing & Heating

  7. Absolutely gorgeous! Love everything Cielo!!

  8. I love all your changes in this gorgeous bathroom!

    I am your newest follower! : - )


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