Saturday, January 3, 2015

Winter days in the South

A strange little creature came to visit the garden early yesterday morning.  It moved so fast—from one side of the garden up to the trees down to the other side where privets and bushes gather together in a massive clump of green that, at first, it was hard to identify what it was—a mad little squirrel that was. 

I wonder if perhaps the creature was just sensing something unusual in the air imperceptible to us humans. Maybe she was predicting that night's weather conditions in her own special way? Indeed, a flood of a night that was with some nasty tornado like winds...

Tornadoes are not unknown to this area. Based on historical tornado data, our little town is located in a very high risk area. The largest tornado to cross our path happened not too long ago. In fact, just a mere few years ago and it caused terrible injuries, including over a dozen deaths. We only learn about this right after we moved here. I’m summoning the angels to keep us safe from harm and stand watch at each corner of our little white cottage this tornado season.

I’m craving light and craving quietness and peacefulness, and perhaps that’s what had me substituted all the colors in our dinning room area, which is the place I mostly live, for white? White, white and the clean restful feeling it bestow. It’s been sort of chaotic around here lately. Oh tell me again about the girl whose soul has no color. Whose soul is completely white. At least that’s how I’m feeling lately, after all the excitement and bustling activities of the holidays, which have left me pretty drained I should say.

I also decided to put all the patterned pillows in our master bedroom  away
and leave only the whites...
For now...

Which had a domino effect that spilled over to washing all my all-white bedroom linens…
all of them.

Just some touches of aqua in the living room
Love it

If there’s something I truly love about rainy wintery days is lighting up little fairy lights all around the house... so romantic.

Fairy lights found in unusual places…

Like little fireflies nesting among fern leaves…

Then this morning after all that rain… magic!  

I worked in the garden for several hours today; cleaning, weeding, removing debris.  It is almost hard to believe this is even possible… could it be that I’m just dreaming?  This is just the beginning of January, right?  Spring cleaning in January… really!  Oh this sizzling winter sun of the south!  How marvelous and how alive it makes you feel… I could never ever go back to the cold of the North.  Oh yes it can get really cold around here too, believe me, but how comforting it is when after a few days trapped in our burrows always comes out this marvelous, warm sun spreading magic everywhere…

Thank you for stopping by!

May love and peace shine bright on your way...


  1. Oh, I am with you on the white! This unbelievable jumble of color and clutter is attacking my spirit through my eyeballs! Lol. I have to get ahead of it, but how? Sooo much junk. I need some old fashioned peace! Mom has a picture or cute thing on every wall, on every inch of shelf. Ugh!!!

    1. Gayla... you make me laugh! My mom is exactly the same way.... ugh and ugh! ;)



  2. I. Pray for your safety. Do you have a storm refuge? I dread tornado season here, also.

    1. We don't... we don't have a storm refuge. Hubby and I have talked about it and the only place we can think of for protection is in the guest bathroom, which doesn't have windows.... best run away before they get here ;)


  3. Hello sweet friend. You have found a new little friend in your enchanted garden. I will be re-organizing and a little re-fresher in some of our rooms. It is always nice to see the final results after a makeover.

    Wishing you a blessed 2015.



    1. Hola amiga... te mando un abrazo



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