Thursday, January 1, 2015

Dreaming in the winter garden...

I wish I could have met her; always have—long long time forever ago in a faraway land—‘The Lady in White’…

…a mad woman (so it was said), who believed she could speak the language of birds and read with her eyes shut… because, you see, she could really see with her soul… and that was her secret.  

Although most everyone in her village knew her by the epithet of "The Lady in White” because of the way she chose to appear to the world, always always clad in white, her real name was ‘Amparo de la Luz’, which means ‘refuge of light’, or to ‘take refuge in the light”, and she was the youngest daughter among seven sisters; one of them being my very own great great great great-grandmother back in “the Canaries”, around the year 1850.

For some strange and unexplainable reason Amparo’s phantasmagoric persona came to my mind this morning as I drew closer to the woods surrounding our gardens…  why, I could not say.  

Could it be that just like what happens with fairies and imps, we live in a parallel world to our ancestors with trees, streams, woods and pastures and that these two worlds do intertwine sometimes, the large difference between these worlds being only time?

Which means that maybe, just maybe, I did in fact walked side by side to Amparo de la Luz this morning without fully being aware of it? 

Well, maybe things are a bit more complicated that this, but it surely is fun imagining, don’t you think so?  Dwelling in dreams and possibilities opens up so many doors… 

It has rained so much these past few days around here and the winds have blown so fearlessly, and the sun hidden for so long that I have forgotten I don’t live in the North any longer, and I have forgotten that this is the South and that soon pretty soon I will be out there planting roses again.  I just have to remember this—dwell on these thoughts often to be able to keep the spirit uplifted; the soul strengthened
The little creek that runs behind our garden at the skirts of the woods has swollen.  I love the sight and sound of water gently rushing through roots and privets that never seem to lose their vivacity.  

I am waiting for fairies to find the creek all swollen up, but thus far I haven’t seen one.  I may have to wait till the weather is hot because it's easier to see them when the sun shines more than other days.

 Did you know that fairies like marmalade and music?  Oh they do they do!

The beginning of another new year dances atop trees… I can see it floating up there among naked branches; dancing upon our lives… 

Mom and dad left this morning after a nice breakfast with my sister Lissette and husband.  I can almost hear the echoes of their voices still resonating through walls that feels so emptied and voided of soul now.  The sky’s gray and lifeless and emotions hang from clouds so fragile… yet, my little heart has kept strong.  I must keep it strong.  I cannot let it go loose, for if I do so I know it will surely drawn.

Happy New Year to you my friend!


  1. Happy New Year, Cielo. God Bless You and give you comfort and peace.

  2. Cielo,
    Imagination is a wonderful thing because it takes us places our feet may never go. Hope your new year is full of real and imagined adventures!
    sugar, spice and whatever's nice

  3. Maybe Amparo de la Luz wasn't mad at all. Perhaps she just had a very special gift that enabled her to feel and sense things that others around her couldn't. Either way, she must have been a very special person because more than 150 years later she is still remembered. Happy New Year!

    1. Oh yes yes, very special indeed... Perhaps the past can be remembered thru dreams? Even if that past doesn't belong to us it can still be uncovered unto us thru the magic of dreams. There are many unseen doors to the human eyes, but that does'n mean they're not there. Something to ponder about.



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