Tuesday, June 17, 2014

What's your favorite color?

The other day when I was unpacking some of the boxes I’d brought over from our storage unit, I noticed that perhaps my new-found love for greens and blues is more of a longtime affair than I had realized…

I could hardly believe how many of my little treasures I brought from the house in the roses were either blue or green or teal, which of course, is a combination of blue and green color...

 This came as a total surprise to me…

But it really shouldn't...

Blues and greens of open skies and our beautiful earthy planet. 

These two colors are peaceful and homey.

And I love them... 

Interesting how we change...

And all these years I thought I was a 'pink' girl!

I truly did ;)

 What is your favorite color these days?



  1. Hi, Nice to meet you and thank you for your comment on my blog. Some of my favorite colors are blues and greens also...but my favorites change with the seasons...right now I love turquoise plus I just love color in general. Your decor is wonderful.

    I am going to follow your blog. If you want you can follow me. Thank you for sharing. It is always nice to meet new friends.

  2. My favorite color is blue, and that began when as a child people always complimented my blue eyes. I wear blue often (right now in fact) and I like your choice of blue, green and teal.

  3. Blue was mine when I was little, but now that I am alot older I love them all. Our bedrooms are blue, the living room has more warm tones and the kitchen that I am doing now will be ivory and red. So you can see I love them all.

  4. I love all colors. But I think yellow is my favorite, although I do not wear it much. It's a cheery color to me. Loved your pictures. xoxo,Susie

  5. I have had green and rose for years but this year I have been pulling quite a bit of blue into things and some light yellow- xo Diana

  6. All I know is I'm happy to see more color everywhere. I liked the muted, creamy whites, and they looked rich, elegant, and chic... But I knew I couldn't ever pull it off n my rooms. I have always loved blues, greens, deep reds... It's so hard to choose.. I used to have a home, and there I had many rooms to fix. I kind of did each room in a different, Old World, Country French feel... Here a Mom's it's her colors of deep green and reds... Except my bedroom has blues turquoise so and greens... I love your light elegance. I know that is because you eliminated so much. Your home speaks light and peace and happiness...

  7. The aqua and the minty green that you've used in your accessories are both lovely colors Cielo. I think that if I had to choose a favorite color I'd say bright coral. But there are so many that I love. I like contrasting colors all used together as in the jewel tones of Moroccan decor. Fuchsia, turquoise, coral, bright purple, yellow and green.......

  8. It is hard to choose a favorite color. Its like choosing a favorite music. It all depends on my mood. My bedroom is aquas and whites, very dreamy and serene. My living room and den are browns, beiges and reds. I have a bathroom that is a very light lavender and one wall painted with wisteria and fairies. I love the jewel tones of Moroccan d├ęcor as house tropical, very exotic.
    The shabby chic look of whites is very beautiful and calming, but I would need color very quickly I'm afraid. So many choices so I pick them all.

  9. Blues, teals, aqua, etc. I love red and aqua together. When we finally redo the upstairs I want red and aqua in the girl's room they will use. Blues, whites, beachy colors in the master bedroom.
    In my kitchen I like red for an accent color.

  10. The little tea pot and the cups...and just all of it. I am knee deep in that color right now..sooo pretty. My favorite color to wear.

  11. purple purple always purple . i love it in all it's hues but most especially deep rich dark and mysterious. I feel the colour as well as seeing it . I have it only as my bedroom decor , but i have fallen for a Laura Ashley couch and ottoman . As it's waaaay out of my price range I pinned it so I can look at it when ever I like .

  12. Beautiful post and I am loving your beautiful music in the background too!

    Best wishes from Down Under,
    Natasha in Oz

  13. Lovely items and the colors are really very pretty. I am a red girl and have always been. Most of my decorating is red and soft yellow. I also like black and white. But I do have a little red in most of my rooms. Love the post thanks for sharing.
    Have a great weekend.

  14. I've always loved green but as I've gotten older, the colors in my home seem to also incorporate blues, reds, and creams. As others have said, I also love almost all other colors, depending on the season. My grandmother and mother both made sure to have a bit of black in every room so I do that, too. I couldn't live with all neutrals, but that's me.

    Since I've been visiting your lovely blog, I have rearranged a few things so that light bounces around my rooms, from crystal, so silver, to vaseline glass, to mirrors and that delights me.


  15. oh you lucky girl..beautiful home (:)

  16. Cielo, your home is looking more beautiful each day. I love the green glass too. But I am in into amethyst glass now for whatever reason. I just recently found some soup amethyst dishes that are gorgeous. I love the bright and cheery fabrics on your photos too. I quiero compartir mis hermosas rosas contigo Cielo. Tenga fotos de las ultimas rosas de mi jardin las cuales comparto contigo con much carino porque se lo que significan para ti. Ven i visita mi pagina, I put together a sweet little table featuring roses. Also, you you have an email in which I can contact you??



  17. White will always be my color...white, white and more white in all its different shades. But sea blue-greens in small amounts is the color I have surrounded myself with in our cottage these past 8 yrs. It is so calming with whites.

    Your gardens are really taking shape so fast...I cannot believe how much transformation you have made in such a short amount of time in your new little white cottage. It has taken us years to cultivate our gardens here. But we began with hard pan clay dirt, no grass or trees, and lots of patience.


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