Monday, June 2, 2014

Bits of my life...

Last Night: 

We just got inside from ‘drinking in’ the outsides in sips of amazement and cups of wonder and admiration, before we said our good nights—again, like every evening before turning in. And as usual, I am in awe and I marvel at the phenomenon and miracle of insects illuminating our summer evenings… fireflies dancing little diamonds in the dark. How magical and outstanding this vision is to me. It fills my heart with the purest of admiration and wishes of eternal thoughts. I am thankful and overjoyed to be in a place where this miracle takes place freely every night and thankful that I, too, can  be a partaker of quite an incredible and miraculous occurrence.

This morning:

I keep working the soil, digging, planting, emending. But the hardest job, it had to be the removal of the existing sod, which is just a field of weeds, by hand with nothing more than some basic tools found around the house; mainly a shovel and a rake. And I’ve been doing this everyday. After my husband leaves for work, I get to dress in the weirdest of all attires; my scrubby paint-splattered-soil-stained-color uncoordinated gardening attire, and spend hours emending the place. My hands are blistered. I need to learn to use gardening gloves. But how rewarding my toils are… oh the vision, my dreams, my ecstatic fervor. I can already see it all… the colors and textures, the potential. 

I remember when we moved here someone asking me if I was planning on creating another garden. I had to think about it for a moment, but not because I was doubtful in any way about my desires, but because the questions came to my brain like a strange and absurd cloud of ‘and why would I not’? 

I find out today that my feathered creature friends are deliberately helping me fill up my garden with flowers and color by transporting my seeds everywhere they think appropriate. They must be the gardeners of the air those birds who are doing me this favor I’m sure. And thus, my newly crafted flowerbeds are permeated with morning glories and moon flower seedling. Guess these birds must know their job better than I know mine because I’m not sure whether these vines can also serve as a groundcover too. 

The privets are still offering the last of their jewels—the white flowers with rare center-hearts in the shape of stars… all the wildflowers of the world seem to have piled up at the top of the trees where my spirit collects dreams and stories and wishes it could fly in fragrances and bird songs.   I love that from my very own backyard I can bring inside with me some lovely and wild and unique bouquets to embellish my whole house with…  

The flower of the privet...

Some pretty tiny yellow wildflowers I don't know their name

 The wild vinca growing in the woods that I'm transplanting all over my garden...

Love it.

Be happy

Be peaceful

And thanks for stopping by



  1. Cielo- I love these bits of your life. It is gorgeous -your home-your spirit-your newly established gardens. You have done a wonderful without a garden? I can't even fathom it! xo Diana

  2. Your little addition in the gardens are wonderful to see. I love the flowers about your home. xoxo,Susie

  3. Cielo, tu rodeas todo con belleza. Y la naturaleza te abre sus brazos para rodearte con todo su esplendor. Su espiritu es bello y lleno de paz. Naciste con la estrlla gitana mi amiga. Eres del Dios del aire, agua, y el bosque. Que bueno que estes trabajando en tu nuevo jardin. Se que cera un lugar majico. Yo estoy de fiesta porque mis rosas entan entodo su esplendor. Bellas y delicadas con colores suaves y femeninis. Espero que puedas visitar mi pagina para que las veas.

    Abrazos mi querida amiga,


  4. You are settling in I can see it is becoming home. You seem to be happy and as my favourite author said "If you look the right way the whole world is a garden " Francis Hodgsen Burnett


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