Sunday, June 15, 2014

In the Gypsy Caravan

This weekend we dusted up our Gypsy Caravan and hit the road for the first time after our move and new life in the South… Over the fields up the mountains we rode, making new memories as we went. 

Blankets, wool socks and fussy warm pjs were left untouched in their drawers, still holding in them all the memories collected along the snowy fields and high forest of the past—mountains, and valleys and fields unpolluted and fresh and washed free of all the heaviness caused by humidity and the stabbing of killer mosquitoes of the South… what a huge difference from what we were used to. 

The beauty found in Nature and in which the spirit nurtures and grow, it is nevertheless the same, if not lovelier here.. and one might think that the atmosphere is made out of raindrops and blue butterflies, and trees and clouds and skies are the shrine where the soul finds the perpetual presence of the Invisible… 

We surfed above the clouds 

And down we came full of awe and hearts beating with faith and praises to the Creator of all beauty and goodness.  

Making note as we went down of everything we saw and felt and tasted and listed to... 

Oh it is so good for the soul to see deeply.

Then later, food prepared by gentle hard-working hands...

Displayed on a lovely table setting where wildflowers were never a reckless lavishness…

 Discovering Nature's trails in the afternoon...

And inside the Gypsy Wagon hot during the day
yet ever so cozy 
with books and favorite magazines a plenty...

We are now back in the comfort of our little white cottage 
Music from the wind plays outside through the trees 
Leaves rustle in night breezes
Nature's symphony of songs that set us free.
I am contented and grateful for big and small blessings. 

Thank you for being here my friend
Hope you enjoyed our little trip!


  1. I loved every moment of your trip. I am so glad that you and hubby were able to get out and enjoy some of the new country that surrounds you. It is always fun to make new memories. xo Diana

    1. Thank you Diana... it was such fun. Ready for our next trip ;)

      Thanks for stopping by


  2. Beautiful scenery and experiences! I loved the news. Enjoy every minute. Hugs from Mo!

    1. Missed you around here! ;)



  3. What a nice break for you and your Mr to get away and just relax. I can remember camping and the clean, crisp air and the sounds of nature all around you. There is nothing like a breakfast cooked over a campfire..I can still smell the bacon. Beautiful scenery where you went, You should take a picture of your husband, tell him not to be shy, we don't bite.
    Glad you are back safely and had a great time

  4. Thanks so much for taking us on your little trip, The photo's are great - the mountains, clouds, flowers and everything. It almost felt like I was with you, So glad that you and hubby were able to get away for a few days after all the moving and unpacking you had to do.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  5. It looks like you had a wonderful trip. The south is so beautiful and magical. My sister lives in northern Georgia and my parents lived in southern Georgia for years but moved back here to Iowa. The south is welcoming with a magical beauty all it's own.


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