Sunday, June 29, 2014


I refuse to complain I refuse I refuse! The Southern summer is eating us alive… literally. Mosquitoes, poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac, and we had to take my dad to the Emergency room this morning; all swollen up. 

I’ve been affected too, but in a much lesser degree… and perhaps I was saved because I already have the poison antibody in my system? Who knows...  The thing is I have been there too… been poisoned by this wild and treacherous Southern Nature, back when we first came here to check this place out, last summer. 

I never did mention it here, but last July after our very first visit here I ended up in the Emergency room myself, with horrible hives all over my body and swelling of face, mouth, neck, etc. The large blisters on my legs broke some of the thin capillaries and produced some very nasty bruises all over my legs that took forever to clear off.  It really looked as if I had leprosy… it was horrible. 

Any way, as I was saying I refuse to complain… I do I do... have you heard me complaining yet? ;) Oh well, such is life… 

Before mom and dad came to stay with us I had started working on a lengthy project… a paint project I’ve been wanting to tackle down for a few years now, but didn’t had the courage to do it… 

I'd never liked the dark mahogany wood of the furniture in our master's, but it looked OK with the style of our more larger home up north, and it was such a huge project to undertake… but then we moved to our little white cottage where most everything is white and where the painting of furniture is allowed… because, well, this is a cottage right? And you all know how it goes… "painted furniture is especially appealing for the cottage theme, where old nondescript furniture can be gathered together and painted to suit any color scheme one pleases"… isn’t this marvelous? So I have started painting away…

  Thus far I have done both of the small side chests only... 


Our master bedroom's colors are white, black and yellow.... 


I have also painted the originally silver pulls on the drawers in black to match the rest of the decor...

Here I'm using a white ornate vase to hold some yellow roses...

Experimenting with a mercury glass flower vase, originally a candle holder, to match the mercury glass table lamp.

The paint I'm using is "Vintage", from Americana Decor, and it is the same color of paint I used on my small kitchen table.  It is my favorite color right now.  I will be painting the rest of the furniture after we come back from taking mom and dad back to Florida, next week.  The headboard is part wood part leather.  I am leaving the leather as is and will be painting the wood only. I also have to paint the dresser and rest of the hardware...  not an easy task, but now that I have started I'm motivated to finish this up. 

Remember, enjoy your moments... an go with time as clouds go with the sky.

See you soon!


  1. That is a fabulous job on the night stands. I love the antique picture frames and the white pitcher with roses. Charming. xoxo,Susie

  2. Cielo,
    Sorry to hear about your dad. Your night stands are looking marvelous, nice paint job!

  3. Every rose has it's thorns... I have always loved the idea of the south and the white plantations, so Gone With The Wind, but from what you are telling us, there are thorns to be sure. I hope your Dad is OK. What a terrible experience for you to have gone through. Now I understand why you are hesitant about crossing the bridge.
    I really like the white painted furniture. I have dark furniture in my bedroom also and have toyed with painting it white several times, but there are too many pieces and too little time, so dark they will stay.
    Have a safe trip to Florida next week.

  4. Have followed your blog for sometime now, starting with "The House In The Roses". Your recent post on finding your Little White Cottage was really touching to me. Hope you are so so happy in your new home. I too have had "episodes" with poison oak, ivy or sumac. (Whatever! One is just as bad as the other.) But an old soul once shared with me how to treat it. Pour a large box of Baking Soda in a tub of water and soak in this water for 30 minutes or longer. I promise you will feel relief from the itching and swelling . And within a couple of days it will all be gone. So sorry you and your dad have had to experience this . Hope he is well soon. Have a great day. Jenny

    1. Wow... thank you thank you! I will try that. I finally had to see my doctor today. Poison ivy and inset bites. I got a steroid shot and I'm taking Benadryl. I will start my Baking Soda baths tomorrow. Thanks again for the tip! I appreciate it.


  5. I just typed a long response here and of course it disappeared....I was saying, more briefly now, that I am soooooo very sorry you experienced all of that and your parents too! so sorry. Also what helps for pain and itch is Arnica both in pills and creme form, it is a homeopathic medicine which works well. This part I will keep shorter than the one before.....I was in India when I went to a pharmacy for Arnica which they sell prescription strength over the counter, when all the employees both refused to serve me and all glared at me wasn't until I explained I was in a moped accident and these were bruises and cuts from that, that they stopped glaring and served me, I could see them visibly relax.......oh my god, what on earth caused that?! well in India leprosy is still active and that is what they must have thought I was almost amusing.
    Also try fresh aloe vera gel from a plant and pure essential oil of lavender to prevent both scarring and for treatment.
    I love how you keep changing your banner and it is always beautiful.


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