Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Rainy days

I am so fortunate to live in a place where rain is a constant—like the sprinkle system that faithfully watered my roses in our garden at the house in the roses.

And it is always a warm, balmy welcoming sprinkle of life that lets you continue gardening under its charm, without being bothersome, or inconvenient. I am fortunate. 

And thus, after gardening under a light morning shower yesterday I came in… little lights were turned on here and there… 

 Gently dissipating shadows...

I love the sound of rain and the solitude it brings to the already peaceful space. What a privilege to make peace with God and others. Peace in our inner selves…

I like to listen to the music of the Native American flute of C. Nakai on those peaceful rainy mornings as I go around the house performing small tasks and always amazed and always grateful and always complacent to let my Heavenly Father transform my common days into thanksgivings and routine jobs into joy… 

The garden is already looking marvelous… the transformation is amazing.  I can hardly believe this is the same place of a few months ago…

Have a great day my friend... enjoy life as it is.  Make it better if you can and always always remember that life isn't always sunny (nor should it be), but when it is, it helps, and when it isn't, we often need to look within... 

Be blessed!





  1. We had a gentle rain this morning...but it seems to be going on and on. Your patio looks so nice. I love small lights here and there...it's so cozy. xoxo,Susie

  2. Hi Cielo, I also love little lights around my home...makes things so cozy. You are certainly making the little cottage your own little paradise. As always love the beautiful pictures today and words of inspiration. Have a great day! ....Sue

  3. What a gorgeous and inspiring post mi bella Cielo. A mi tambien me encantan los dias de lluvia y el silencio y soledad. Es cuando mas me ciento en paz. Que sorpresa tan bonita y alegria me trajo tu visita en este tan dificil. Tus palabras traen aliento y mucha refleccion. Thank you for helping me distress. Just looking at your beautiful photos made me happy.

    Un fuerte abrazo.


  4. What a wonderful post my friend!

  5. i love the rain too! <3
    lovely post dear :)

    xoxo, rae


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