Sunday, July 6, 2014

The fairy dance...

Have you ever been enchanted by the magic of fairies?  Have you ever seen one? 

One morning the other day in my garden—I walked outside, and magic found me... at the first touch of shimmering sunshine…

Why, how could that be! 
 A perfect arrangement of magic mushrooms lay there on the ground...
They were not there the previous evening that I know!  
The ground around the mushrooms was scattered with festive things all around!   

 And you all know what that means, right?
Magic mushrooms mark the place where fairies had gathered and danced.
Oh you wouldn't think they'd dare...
To come merrymaking here, in my very own garden?  
Well, they did!  

It is not unusual for fairies to engage in such lavishness on summer nights... Fairies often have a dance or two or three on nights just like these ones... nights where darkness is illuminated by the cerulean lights of fireflies and the moon serenaded by the song of cicadas... after all, it is summer.  It is magical.  And only natural... 

I’m convinced now that fairies had been celebrating something here last night and forgot to collect their things, leaving behind bits and pieces of their merrymaking for us to find out.  For one thing, I’m glad this were just a few lovely mushrooms scattered around my garden and not a real pixie ring... You see, pixie rings are dangerous things... Numerous legends focus on mortals entering a fairy ring, and the consequences... which are never good.   And what if I had gotten in the ring by mistake? The legends warn against humans disrupting or joining the dance, lest they be punished. Who knows where I might have ended up… oh yes yes I’m glad this wasn't a full fairy ring...  So we're safe!

Shall we try some pixie tea? Oh yes, tea is always a good thing to try. If you are cold, tea will warm you; if you are depressed it will cheer you; if you are excited it will calm you…. here, have some!

Do you think that some of the fairies that danced here last night might had sat down on the mushrooms and use them as dinner tables? I would, I if were a fairy I would!

Oh dear did you hear that? I think I hear giggles…
can you hear them too?
Oh but you can't depend on your ears
when your imagination is out of focus! ;)
OK. Try again then!
 I’m sure those giggles are coming 
from the Lore’s Mushroom Throne! 

And I'm sure they're the fairies that are coming back to collect their belongings…. 
Best run and hide if we don’t want the magic to vanish!
Oh but before we part... please remember:
Never stop dreaming...
Never stop imagining...

And best of all...
Never lose the childlike wonder in you...
that’s were the real magic lays.
Have you ever seen a fairy ring?
Do they have a history in your culture about them?
I'd love to hear it!


  1. I have lots of fairies in my garden! They like shiny things I am told so I hang mardi gras style strings of beads in the trees to keep them happy and attract more! Hope you had a restful holiday in Florida. Blessings, Rachel.

    1. Paper lantern garlands, twinkly lights, shinny objects, crystal pendants, old bottles, buntings… I love love decorating my trees… particularly my “magical” tree. Everyone should have one… me think!


  2. How fun to find the aftermath of a fairy gathering in your garden, and your photos are perfect to capture their playful spirit and love of pretty things.

    1. So much fun! And I'm happy that you came by to share the fun!


  3. Oh, I have missed your fairy tea parties. So glad they have arrived in your beautiful new garden. Of course, they would because it is so beautiful. I had the experience to see a fairy ring many times. Once deep in our woods, a violet circle near or around a mind known to be an Indian grave. I was quite young and my grandfather made me promise never to disturb that mound... Or that ring.

    1. Oh yes they're here... those mischievous fairies; celebrating these magical summer nights… if it wasn’t for all those nasty mosquitoes and such I would spend all my nights out there… I would too! ;)


  4. I love your pictures! They are always so whimsical and charming. Thanks for sharing!

    Moments Divine

  5. Oh but you are speaking of the Madb herenn which is of course Irish folklore our own child is named Erin , we come to Australia 100 years ago from an Innish (island ) where our family farmed sea kelp , I believe it was used in pharmacologica. My mother's family are wanderers and married in ,and the wee folk were a big part of the childhood I grew up in. My great granda and my granda worked both in the mines and with horses ,where we live in Australia there is a large population of Cornish folk too who brought with them Piskies . Now they are mischeivious folk who like to place work boots under down pipes to fill with water, and move tools , they will drink the cats milk and let the chickens out too . I believe I saw silkies when I was a child and again as an adult when I took my children to a special place called the rocks , there you see a creek, a waterfall and pools of sparkling water I know I saw them I do. They would leave dandelions for wishes and knock almonds from the tree for me.

  6. Enchanting... just how enchanting! The waterfall, waters as sparkling crystal, imps and will-o'-the-wisp flickering like lamps, drawing travelers from the safe paths... I see it all—and beyond! Truly magical!


  7. thank you for continuing to share your childlike wonder, with us.

    there are so few places, where it can be found...

    thank you.

    gentle hugs,


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