Monday, July 21, 2014

In my little world...

The trails into the woods are slowly opening up with the seasons…

Hidden paths are coming into being…

And down the path beyond the old wooden bridge into the magical woods, I can now see new passages and corridors that until now were been hidden from the human eye. 

Branches and leaves are thinning out
giving way to wispy little lights into the thicket…
It is truly magical!

Tomatoes are growing in gigantic sizes… 

Some growing in strange and marvelous colors… 

Like luscious clusters of juicy ripe plums...

The key to perfection is knowing when to pick them...
that's, of course, before they get to be stolen, or picked up without permission...

Oh yes my dears... you see, right at the set of the mellow hours of day, there are times when ravens take advantage of their shape-shifting abilities and transform themselves into witches… I have seen them in our garden stilling away our tomatoes... those spooky ravens!

 And inside... I’ve been busy decorating my little white cottage in pretty pastels… 

Particularly the kitchen area
where the predominant palettes are the colors of sky,
 Caribbean Sea, and peacock… 
doesn’t it sound dreamy! 

 I know... I've been enchanted.

Lovely lovely summer days... 
Hope you are beholding all its goodness. 



  1. We had to build a cage out of wood and chicken wire for our tomatoes this year because the squirrels were carrying them off. My hysband built the cage with doors so that we could pick the tomatoes when ripe. I prefer them growing wildly in our potager.

    I can only imagine all the critters you must have to invade your garden from the forest nearby. Your black purle tomatoes are gorgeous.

    1. Oh I guess we've been blessed in that respect, because we haven't had any problems whatsoever with critters... odd, I know, living so very close to the woods. But, truthfully, we haven't had any problems thus far. Perhaps it has to do with me believing in this with all my heart? “Sing about a fruitful vineyard: I, the Lord, watch over it; I water it continually. I guard it day and night so that no one may harm it" Isaiah 27:2-3.


  2. Hello Cielo... Nothing like a home grown tomatoe. And those ravens know just when to steal away at them. Your pastel colors are gorgeous. Look very relaxing and comforting. Enjoy your evening. Jenny

  3. I feel like I had a little visit to your beautiful woods. Love those amazing witch's tomatoes! And oh, to sit with you for a little tea or cafè in that amazing, amazing kitchen. I love the look of all those magical blues together! I think summer us serving up beauty and deliciousness on the plate. I spent the day cleaning, putting things in special places! Then we hav.e fresh tomatoes, corn on the cob, snap beans... Yum!

    1. Oh please do do... do come by! I'll make you some 'cafe cubano' and we'll have tea sandwiches, scones, cakes, fruits, and pastries and we will go out to meet the witches and shoo away those ravens... shall we dare go beyond the old wooden bridge to the enchanted forest? You tell me! Oh we must invite Sherry too! Wouldn't that be lovely!

      Love ya Gayla!


  4. Loved this post, beautiful pictures and words as usual. Thank you for your inspiration

    1. Hi Jacqui... so lovely to see you around.



  5. I would be the first one over that bridge to realm of the witches and ravens and fairies and elves. I am a little worried about that nasty poison oak though. This trip would probably require boots, long pants, long sleeves and gloves...Good grief its like dressing for a biohazard picnic....Well the three of us will manage somehow. Maybe if we pay due respect to the witches they will cast a spell of protection on us. If not we could meet for midnight margaritas and dance to lime and the coconut ala Practical Magic...


  6. i love the way you change your header and look of your blog...

    i love to change my header also. although i seem totally bewitched by a simple white background, at present. so different for me... who used to seek out pretty and soft backgrounds, over and over and over.


    to follow what makes us happy, when we look at our own blog... that is the way, for me. :-)


  7. ohhhhhh... perhaps when autumn shrivels more leaves, you will be able to venture farther into the magic woods!!!

    carefully, of course. ,-)



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