Thursday, July 17, 2014

In my cottage

Rain… wonderful, marvelous rain. I am so thankful for the blessings rain bestows. And we had buckets full of blessings these glorious past few days… plants and flowers in my garden welcomed it with utterly earnestness as old thirsts were quenched abundantly and wholly… 

Then, this morning, glorious nippiness… rain had brought with them during the night hours the Northern breezes, moderating the coursing of summer with wonderful, balmy temperatures. And in the living room there was a glorious game of lights going on…. twinkling light on walls and ceilings; flickering wispy lights floating about the furniture in the quiet room like little fairies of light and wonder. It was the magic of cool morning breezes and sunshine filtering through leaves and tree branches outside the tall windows of our living room… as they were gently swayed and touched by sunshine, that’s what they created inside my little, magical cottage… I was enchanted.

I’ve been as busy as always… inside as well as outside. Painting more furniture, decorating and changing things around in my little cottage, which seems to be my absolute passion of lately. 

I have had this chair you see here for years. Love the uniqueness of it and combination of wood and bamboo/cane back and sit… but it was a bit too dark for my taste here in our little white cottage… 

So I painted it in my favorite chalk paint color “Primitive”, from Americana D├ęcor.  Same color of paint I used on my master bedroom furniture.  Love it.

I added a coat of clear wax to the chair this morning and I’m thinking I should also use dark wax to age it a bit and add richness and depth to it.   Otherwise, it's looking marvelous...

Enjoying some baking...

My Elle rose is blooming again.  Not too copious in blossoms, but a joy nevertheless…

And my lime green hydrangeas are doing marvelous…

More lime green hydrangeas on the other wall, round the back porch...

This little mirror here is covering a multitude of sins—the not so pretty looking huge water hose behind it… what a lovely idea that was!

Thank you for being here my friend.
Enjoy something beautiful each day.
Create something beautiful each day. 
Imagine something beautiful each day.


  1. Gorgeous blooms - I love that the flowers have their own "window" ~

  2. Everything is so gorgeous - your garden has really filled in with beautiful flowers. Love the chair - it looks so much better in the color that you painted it.
    Your little white cottage is stunning. i know you are really enjoying it.

  3. Cielo,
    So glad your little cottage has wrapped its arms around you and tickled your senses with enchantment!! I think everything is looking loved and lovely :)
    Blessings to you and yours always,
    sugar, spice and whatever's nice

  4. Cielo, the rain is beautiful, sometimes steamy, in a southern garden! It caught me off guard this morning with the cooler temperatures! I love the mirror! What a great idea!

  5. There is something so reminiscent of summer about breezes blowing sheer curtains and making them fly. It has a dreamlike quality that inspires sitting with a glass of lemonade and just enjoying the feeling.
    Your garden is amazing, it is still unbelievable to me how all your new plantings look like they have been there for a long time.
    The hydrangeas and roses are lovely. That hot southern weather is great for the garden, but I think your green thumb has a lot to do with it also.

  6. The cooler than usual temps have been so welcome. The rain, too. Our garden was getting dry. I love the chair. Really turned out nice. Hydrangeas are so pretty. Very pretty rose color.


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