Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The sultry days of summer

It's lazy dog days of summer for sure. But fortunately for us, rain has been working its magic around here in marvelous ways. Rain has accompanied us for the last few days consecutively, making everything lush and wild, and the colors of the garden are fresh emeralds, and pea green and greens like jade and bottle green and sea greens... 

Everything is alive and thriving, including, I should say, all those noxious weeds that know how to keep me beyond busy without a day of rest in my brain. 

The music of locus has been quieting down as summer journeys the earth and days become heavier and tired and sometimes, I hear new songs too… new birds that have been enjoying the deliciousness found in the thicket of privets and maples and I think, of water oaks too, and willows. It is a glorious thing to work out there while listening to such lovely repertoire of melodious notes. 

Morning glory seeds have been transported by ways of wings and winds throughout the garden. I’ve been most diligent removing little shoots wherever I see them growing without my permission, or think they shouldn’t be. But perhaps, I am going against nature and I should not persist in grooming it the way I like it, or think it should look, and just let it be? 

I mean, leave things where they like to be and let the newly established beds be adorned with the purple jewels of morning glories?  That’s if they decide to show up, I should say, because where I had intentionally planted the morning glory seeds they haven’t put out a single flower yet. An abundance of leaves, but no flowers. The same is happening with the Moonflower. I find this to be most annoying. 

I have planted two varieties of zinnias—a bright, happy sight in my garden. The indications on the plant said that they’re annuals, but they were reduced to only $1.66, and I’m hoping they can reseed themselves and come back again next spring without having to be replanted… 

They were still on their pots and already a yellow butterfly was hovering over the flowers…

Those are the glories I’m envisioning...

And I have left the best of best for the end…

Can you believe it.... my first very lovely bouquet of roses!!

Roses from my very own garden!
In a Mason jar I spray-painted and decorated.
I cannot be more excited and blessed.

Hope you're having a glorious day my friend! 


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  1. It's looking more and more beautiful each day! The garden decor items add such a decorative touch, and your pink rose arrangement is just lovely.

  2. Beautiful photos. You have an enchanted garden for certain. We could use a bit of rain here. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop xo

  3. che belle foto!! complimenti!!!
    p.s. grazie per la tua visita...

  4. Just beautiful! Thanx for joining THT.


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