Monday, July 14, 2014

This and that...

All sorts of magical and enchanting happenings are always taking place here… if it isn’t one thing is another… but always always—magic. 

Oh something was definitely going on in the woods at the edge of my garden this afternoon while I was out there watering my flowers... those witches disguised in ravens again!  Ah yes... but what was going on this time out there, really? A witch’s convention gone badly, I’m sure. The privet was a vivid turmoil. The witches were making such a racket... awful harsh grating sounds and creepy shrill sounds and squawking so loud, I got chills all over my body.

I'm sure it must have been some quarrelling among the witches in the midst of the very Grand Council.  And it was so bad that finally King Hawk need to be summoned. Was he the Ceremony Master?  Perhaps the witches’ trainer? You see, all of a sudden, above the commotion there came the eerie and powerful call of a hawk. I listened and marveled, and listened some more looking for clues in the air, and signs in the privet. The hawk must have done something to calm things down because soon after his arrival the ravens' squawking stopped, their fight ceased, and the privet recaptured its peaceful atmosphere once again.

Minutes later, two raven-witches flew from the thickets, above our little white cottage, followed by yet another one stretching across the sky on easy, flowing wing beats... all three filling the empty spaces with an echoing croak. It was pretty creepy, and enchanting at the same time.

I’ve been keeping busy inside as well as outside.
Painting paiting... painting all sorts of things that can be painted. 

Some in pretty pastels

Some in happy bright shades of sky and water...

I love this deep blue paint—so cottagy like the colors of an ancient village in blue French shutters…

I have painted a lot of stuff around the garden in this pretty color… 
Even the grass! 
Oh I think it looks so lovely… 
With a certain feel of UFO mystery included for some imagination too! ;)

I didn’t have a place for this chair inside our little cottage, but couldn’t seem to be able to part from it… so I took it outside. It’s been rotting out there for a while, but then I decided to dress her up in Krylon Ballet Slipper spray paint… the pretties and softest shade of pink. It looks so lovely now I may have to take her inside again…

Still no flowers on the Morning Glory and Moon Flower
but they are growing beautifully

My lovely tiny pink roses are doing marvelous… daily watering has helped them tremendously… soon it’ll be time for some dainty arrangements… 

This country gal got to go to the city today... visited Hobby Lobby and got some black and white pulls for the master room dresser I’m painting. 50% off on the entire section, in case you need to get some. And they’re darling. I’m almost done painting the furniture in our master bedroom, and I’m excited. It’s almost magical the way the room has lighten up with the lighter paint, which it also makes the room seem more spacious and opened and uncluttered… I just love it. 

As I draw to a close on this post, I can see ruptures of lightening through the sides of the closed window on my right… It is bound to rain during the mid-night hours. I'm anticipating the pleasures of a velvety cloud of a bed with the sound of rain above my dreams for a peaceful rest. 

Good night my friend. And thank you for stopping by!


  1. Good night. You have been so busy. Get some rest. We need rain here also. Maybe tomorrow. Love your blue grass lol ..Jenny

  2. Buenos Noches la Reina de pintura....
    Your world is bright with color and reading your words is like taking a trip to a place where only light and peace prevail.
    Thank you for letting us see what you see.

  3. Oh that painted grass is lovely! Wouldn't it be grand to be able to paint all the weeds and bushes in rainbow colors and have the color last through sun and rain? I love those adorable little lanterns that you've hung from the trees, they're so pretty! I can't wait til my trees grow tall and sturdy enough to hang lights and moss from them.

  4. It's November and the leaves are drifting down in beautiful golds and still you have not returned. I don't understand....where did you go..? I don't understand. It's Winter just around the corner...did you take the pretty little chair inside. I hope you did. I will come back and check on you again...but I won't erase you..not now...not ever. It's late in my life ...are you safe? Well?


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