Monday, May 5, 2014

Moving day...

Hello friends. How nice to be able to come here again and… share, and give, and spread magic and fly atop a star and talk to birds and rabbits and impart joy. And then… receive just as much from you all. Thank YOU.  Remember, whatever we give to the world, it will certainly return to us inasmuch. It is the law of the Universe. 

So much to say so much to share… but where to begin? Did you miss me? I sure did miss you!  During these few days without the Internet I’ve come to realize how important this medium of communication is to me. And how important YOU all are. Do you love the Internet too? 

I hope you don’t mind me retaking my story where I left it a few days ago, as I like to keep a record of how things have been developing through this interesting epic of making this little cottage our home... Thank you for following.

After reading your comments and considering what someone had said about wallpapering the inside of the cabinetry, I thought how nice that would had been.  But then again, I am not too savvy when it comes to the business of wallpapering.  So I’m glad I'd chosen painting.   

I love this jade color... 
And it looks much better in real life, really ;)

Either way, after I finished painting all the white cabinets, I thought they still needed further protection from water, and food, and so on… so I went ahead and covered them in some pretty green and white patterned Dollar Store peel-off drawer liners. 

This is such a nice alternative to paint and, even wallpaper me thinks. It is faster, it works wonders and it’s so easy to install and you can always pull it right off and put it right back, if you don't like how it looks or whatever….

I spent practically half of my morning on Thursday doing that. I also worked on the front porch flower beds; weeding and pulling out roots all the while visualizing what I want to see there… roses, or hydrangeas, or perhaps some climbers. Thanks to Barbara for some great tip, I decided to leave the holly bushes where they are and plant whatever I’ll decide in front of them, as there is still plenty of space for some prettiness there. The holly bushes do offer some inner comfort as far as protection and privacy goes.

This is looking outside from inside.  Love my windows... And the holly bushes look so pretty outside.  Thank you to whoever offered me the idea of adorning them with Christmas lights.  How pretty that sounds! I can already envision little stars sweetly shinning in the country night, as they rest on the holly bushes.  I love it.

Remember how I said that birds seem to love our front porch? Well, they do. And it’s no wonder. Two days after I placed my Boston ferns there, a couple of feathered friends took possession and made residence there… yeap, there’s a nest already installed in the center of one of my ferns. And who would blame the birds? If I were a bird I would had chosen the ferns to build my nest too... so dense they are, and green and lush and fresh and a wonderful lively fortress where to raise the young. I love love ferns. You?

Around noon, I drove back to our rented home to bring some more boxes to the cottage.  When I arrived, there were about six vehicles plus a couple of trailers parked in the front… people hauling furniture and boxes out…  yeap, some of my husband’s co-workers decided to take half their day off work to come help us move…  what a thoughtful deed! 

I took pictures while they carried stuff into our little cottage….

And placed them everywhere

What a mess!

Lovely mess...

Can you tell the difference already?  I'm so loving it!

I'm so loving my new granite countertops! 

Love love love it!

By 6:30pm we were exhausted.  Everyone had gone home and my husband and I embraced each other and offered our thanks to our Heavenly Father.  For all blessings.  For all of His wonderful presents.  Presents, which are a manifestation of our constant presence in His heart. Isn’t this a wonderful thought!  And so true indeed.

We were famished by that time, and I was craving some comfort food.  So we took a shower and headed over to Cracker Barrel… we had a wonderful dinner of grilled salmon, rice pilaf, mashed potatoes with gravy, corn bread, vegetables and everything fattening and delicious and wonderful and we felt so good and I felt so completed, and thankful, and amazed at my Heavenly Father for his blessings.

We then went home to spend our first night in our little white cottage.  Grateful for the home we have, knowing that at this moment, all we have is all we need.

Thank YOU all for being here with me friends!
You are awesome!


  1. Oh Cielo, I am so happy for you. How nice your husbands coworkers helped you move...there are still plenty of wonderful people in the world. I am seeing beautiful colors in your pictures them. I noticed the picture with the orchid in it. My husband loves them and we have about a dozen in our home at different windows. Every so often he'll come home with another one...even miniatures. I was glad to hear you decided to keep you holly plants. I think God has blessed you...take care friend.

    1. Sweet sweet story... and man. Thanks Sue.


  2. I am SO happy and excited for you!!! God is SO good!!

  3. What a wonderful post! Your husband's coworkers are treasures! And I LOVE your new granite countertops!

    1. Me too... I'm a young girl in love... with her countertops! ;)


  4. How exciting Cielo. It all looks so pretty already. How sweet of tour husband's coworkers to assist.
    Hugs, Gee

    1. Thank you Gee... got to go by and see what your painting! ;)


  5. finally you are home...what a wonderful feeling..You sound happily exhausted and excited at the same time. Your kitchen is so fresh and clean looking just waiting for you to christen it with the first home cooked meal. The picture of your dining room with the chandelier sparkling overhead and the lovely roses with all the sunlight streaming in the windows.....a happy place to dream and plan the garden. So happy for you and watching you decorate is such fun.
    Que tu casa sea bendecida con felicidad....

  6. Cielo, I am so happy for you that you have your home. How wonderful that your husbands co=workers helped you move.
    Aren't people wonderful and I love when they do something that you don't expect.
    Your kitchen looks beautiful and I know you will love cooking in there.
    Enjoy your lovely new home.
    God bless - God is good.

  7. oh my god, this brought tears to my eyes, your happiness with your hubby at Cracker lovely. I remember this journey with varying apartments and the first night sleeping in, I can only imagine a whole house to call my own.


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