Tuesday, May 6, 2014


When it comes to tidying up my nest I am a she-workhorse all the way. That same day we started bringing our things in, by evening, I was almost done organizing the entire kitchen, and around 10:00pm or so, I had the guest room all organized and looking wonderful; including the closets. 

I’ve been working from dawn to sundown without stopping; almost to an exhaustion point, but I keep going… it is crazy, and unhealthy, but that’s how my brain works. I need to be surrounded in orderliness, and neatness and cleanliness, with a huge dash of prettiness… 

And thus, I brought buckets-full of roses from our rented home to embellish my cottage. The old man who used to live there long before the present owner bought the house had loved roses, and had planted a few bushes, some of them very old, I understand there’s one particular rose bush that’s around 100 years old, but the garden had been forgotten for ages, and it was a ramble of weeds and privet. When we moved there this past fall, I pruned all the bushes, and cleared off the rose garden of all the weeds and paid someone to have the privet and bushes that had taken over it removed. Never realizing that I wasn’t going to be there to enjoy the roses… sad. 

I thought I deserved to enjoy them, even if it was just for a little while.

The living room looking marvelous...

More pictures to come.

The organized kitchen
by evening on moving day

I had roses everywhere...

As you can tell, the glass door for the cupboard I ruined hasn't arrive yet...

What an eye-sore that is! 

I want a casual chic home… not too shabby, not too modern.  Just a combination of both… a home where I want to enjoy my life.   And I think I'm making it happen!

If you like what you see, I'd love for you to add my blog to your blogroll for some advertising, as it seems that some of my old bloggie friends haven’t been able to follow me as I surf new winds…

Thanks for visiting.




  1. such organization accomplished, on moving day... you are a wonder!!!

    gentle hugs,

  2. on may 3rd, i did a post on "the little white cottage in the woods." one of my readers said thank you, because she had lost you, along the way. :-)

    i don't have my blog roll on my sidebar though, so it wouldn't do any good, for your problem.

    when you get the time (smile), perhaps you could leave comments in your old reader's blogs. that way, they will know where you went, and have a click-able link to here.

    gentle hugs,

  3. I have you on my blogroll. The dining room looks wonderful with all those great windows and chanty. Your roses look so good and at least you are enjoying them and I am sure they (roses) appreciated you taking the time to be so kind to them after all the neglect they have gone through. Roses are very hardy and forgiving.
    Looking forward to seeing the rest of your lovely little white cottage in the woods.

  4. Cielo, everything is coming along so nicely! The roses are just beautiful. Maybe you can get some cuttings from the 100 year old rose to plant in your own garden? I bet some of those roses that were planted years ago by the elderly man aren't even available at nurseries anymore. I have you on my blogroll BTW.

  5. Lovely photos and your back splash compliments your countertops perfectly and is the right backdrop for the pretty touches to come! Hope you love the greenery that thrives outside your dining room windows!

    I agree with housetropical, your roses from the other house could root and bring lovely color and history to your back garden.

    Your music continues to delight me!


  6. Just beautiful 🌹 with love Janice


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