Wednesday, May 7, 2014

First roses

05/05/14 - 05/06/14

I finally finished cleaning the flower beds by the front and left side of the cottage. The soil here is very different from what I’m used to; rocky, and clayish, and the sun is merciless—ablaze on my neck and shoulders as I dig and hope, and work and dream of white roses in a little white cottage. 

It isn’t any easy task—the work of the soil here and my body has grown tired and I feel old or older from days past spent in another garden… and yet, like some creature of the soil, I am contented and down right in my habitat. I don’t complain. I shall happily endure all the sun and heat my body can muster and my soul can swallow—like the downy tongue of the hummingbird trapping the sap of life. 

I am glad I decided to leave the hollies, and thankful that there were plenty of space in front of it for me to plant my roses... can hardly wait for new blooms to show as the bushes establish themselves and spill over the path in white enchantment...

And thus, there is the first lively thing planted in the little white cottage garden; the first rose bush in my garden of weeds. I have chosen to start with a white floribunda rose—Iceberg "Korbin". Honey-scented, medium, white double flowers with 20 to 25 petals… I planted the first of the bushes yesterday; two more today for a total of three rose bushes by the front of the house, to match the color.   

It was hart to make a decision when it comes to roses, but I thought that masses of white roses would look beautiful along the front. My heart is turned with the idea of planting hydrangeas, but I’ve been studying the journey of the sun above the little white cottage, and had noticed that it hits hard on the beds for a few hours. Which is foolish of me not to experiment with hydrangeas, because I had chosen, and planted on those same beds, three shade-loving hostas.  It’s an experiment. And I might take them out anyways and plant the hydrangeas.  I want to live my dreams, and I'm ready to take chances. 

All the mean while, the guys that were to install my kitchen backsplash arrived. Home Depot quoted me what I thought an excessive amount for such a small kitchen, and thus I only purchased the materials and contracted a couple of guys who installed it for way less. I was also able to save some money on the materials… like instead of buying the grout and sealant separately, I got a product that has both included, and it was less. I’m happy. 

The kitchen is looking marvelous. This is by far the prettiest kitchen I ever had. In my opinion, not even the kitchen at the house in the roses can compare to this one… 

Light. The amount of natural light that this little kitchen gets it truly is the magical ingredient.

We had to let everything dry overnight.  Tomorrow, they will put on the grout and sealant and all the electrical outlets will go back in place.  I'm excited.  And always doing something.  I'm antiquing the frame of a large mirror I had for years and never liked it and I'm thinking of painting the dark wood coffee table in our sun-room/dinning-room are in a blue-gray color.  My husband dislikes painted furniture and is always against me painting, but this is a cottage, and a cottage has to have some painted furniture in it.  It's a rule.  Right? ;) 

See you super soon!



  1. Lovely!

    Perhaps your front yard needs some red to compliment your red front door or perhaps a red pillow in the chair would add the needed (IMHO) red. Perhaps add a 2nd chair so there is room for company or for your sweetie?


    1. Hi Barbara... you're right. Definitely something red there. The furniture I had there for now is not exactly what I have in mind. Those are just a few extras... furniture that I had no place for them any more inside the little cottage, but didn't wanted to get rid of them. So I just placed them outside for now... not what I want, but I'm working on it.


  2. Cielo! BONJOUR! First of all, I seem to remember you from somewhere; your name is gorgeous and I just think we "bumped into each" sometime ago in Blogland!

    Your home is stunning. And of course, a white cottage or any cottage at that, MUST have some painted furniture! In fact I read in a history book of French furniture, that typically, furniture WAS always painted, then the idea of having furniture in wood came much later.

    Your garden is very similar to mine. I have a lot of boxwoods, and living here in Minnesota means we have had a long and harsh winter, so in a few weeks, I will be doing what you are doing here!

    Lovely cottage, enjoy the magic, and thank you so much for coming to visit. Long live fairies and white cottages! Anita

    1. Yes yes... thank YOU for the encouragement... I'm painting. ;)

      Nice seeing you again!


  3. WOW, did I have fun scrolling down to your older posts, Cielo! First of all, our cottage is called, Rabbit Hill, because where I live, we have many rabbits in our yard! Your kitchen is fabulous, and we too have four crystal chandeliers in our home, including in the kitchen! I have a lot of white, but I'd love to paint my current Proven├žal orchre kitchen WHITE with gray elements, and a touch of turquoise. Those tumblers in aqua in your last photo are gorgeous. Keep speaking to the bunnies; they listen. Anita

  4. Everything is so pretty, fresh and bright. I love the colors in the kitchen and all the roses everywhere makes it all the more wonderful. You are amazing with all you have accomplished is such a short time. I remember when I would move to a new home and I had to have everything put in its place as soon as possible. I always started with my bedroom first so I would have a soft place to fall. Now I cant imagine how long it would take me..I have the will, it just doesn't last as long as it used to. Oh well, we do what we can. We are all eagerly awaiting your next unveiling of the little white cottage. I love the painted furniture and it is definitely necessary. Your front porch is so welcoming and I agree with Barbara another chair would be nice...maybe a pretty rocking chair.....Sherry

    1. Sherry... sweet Sherry I love seeing you here. Can we be friends in 'real' life? ;) Love you!
      Oh BTW two white rocking chairs is what I'm envisioning... ;) You're always right.



  5. oh i like Barbara Anne's idea of a pop of red, in the pattern of a pillow, on your front porch!!! perhaps some flowered material, with enough red, to "do the trick'?



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