Monday, May 12, 2014

What is fear...

The young man we hired to do some yard work yesterday was supposed to come by today to finish up the job.  He did come back, but this time he brought with him an African American friend, supposedly his assistant.  Before they could start working they needed money to buy gas for their chainsaw.  He didn’t have a bank account or whatever, and asked me to make the check in his friend's name.  I made a check in the amount of $120.00 in his friend’s name—whom neither possessed a bank account, but knew someone who could cash it for them.  They never returned, never saw them again, and I don’t know if I ever want to anyways. 

I am a creature of trust.  Naive, and inexperienced in the ways of this world.  We haven’t put up a fence in our little cottage yet and were not planning to, but we don’t know how people behave in these parts of the country and many of our possessions are well exposed in the front and backyard.  We never had any problem leaving stuff outside back at the house in the roses, but we’re not there any longer. I don’t know what to do about my check.

Last Thursday, the garage door technician, an older man in his late 60s, came by to check on our door.  Both the garage door and the device which opens and closes it had stopped working.  It didn’t take long before Jerry ad I had become acquaintances.  He talked.  I listen to the story of his life as I silently prayed for God’s blessings upon him.  Before Jerry said his goodbyes he asked me to close my eyes and open my hand.  I did what I was told, expecting perhaps a candy?  But it wasn’t a candy.  When I opened my eyes a red stone-like a pure drop of blood laid in the palm of my hand.  Confused, I didn't know what to think, or say.  Until Jerry explained:  “This is to remind you of Christ’s blood—shed on your behalf, because He simply loves you”.   I now keep this little treasure in a very special place.

I changed the look of the front porch this morning.  I was planning on getting a couple of rocking chairs to put out there, but they’re expensive, and it’s hard to tell how long they would last there… so I changed my mind this morning.  Took out the furniture I had there and replaced them with the old settee I had in the backyard.  I think it looks lovely.  I ate my lunch there today… cabbage, cucumber, avocado and some water tuna salad, dressed in an olive oil and lemon vinaigrette.  A mango for dessert.  It felt so peaceful there listening to the birds in their about and around the little white cottage.

This it truly is an enchanting place… 

Sad if this joy is marred in any way by fear.  


  1. Oh no querida Cielo. How unfortunate and terrible. But perhaps it is best that these two individuals do not return. God knows what kind trouble they would bring. I would definitely put a stop payment on the check. There is nothing wrong with having a trusting and kind heart but sadly, there are always a few bad apples that take advantage of the kind hearted. Just be cautious and if something does not sound right or feel right, then it is most likely a scam. God only knows who many have fallen into their trap.

    But your white cottage is looking more beautiful each day. I love what you did to the front. It looks so comfy and cozy. The red door is also very charming. You have such a gist for making everything beautiful Cielo. I hope you can stop by. I have a lovely table which I set in my garden which is full of lilacs right now.

    Un abrazo amiga,


  2. This is a big departure from you normally happy's just awful that you cant trust anyone anymore. Its probably too late to stop payment your check, but that is only money. I would suggest you become acquainted with your neighbors quickly so you have someone close in case those bums come back. It makes me sad to see something like this happen to you and make you fearful. Please dont hire any strays like this when your husband is not there.
    Your front porch looks very nice the way you have it now. and the new flowers are lovely....

  3. This saddens me. Fear and distrust... ripples that disturbs an otherwise sweet pond. So sorry this happened. Please be careful, being alone sometimes is an invitation for unsavory people to prey on you. Inhale a big dog and an alarm system for the same reason.
    HUGS, Gee

  4. I am so sorry about those terrible people. I would certainly call the police and make out a report and let the neighbors know so that they will not hire them. Maybe one of your neighbors knows a handy person that you can hire and that has worked for them. I would be certain that they would not be back - they have already scamed you and are on to new people. Also please keep your doors locked especially in the front of the house. Even though I am in a quite neighbor hood I lock all my doors especially the front door. Of course if I am working in the back yard the door is not locked and I have 2 big dogs who let me know when someone is around that shouldn't be. So my dear please be careful.
    Have a stunning week in your garden.

  5. I read all your posts on this page? You have moved to the woods as I did 4 yrs ago!
    I also have had some adjustment to dark black nights without city lights which I am used to!
    We have had a few things stollen from our front garden...really maddening! We hesitate to put garden furniture out front. Too bad. Your soil sounds like a dream...ours in the woods is sand...very hard to garden in a sandbox!
    Happy house Bella!

  6. It is sad when something like this happens. We have people who stop by here to do work and sometimes it has worked out (we have the most wonderful tree man) and other times it has been less than ideal. Like the painters we found out were fresh out of jail:). But they actually did the work and were probably grateful for the opportunity--just not the greatest job. So I guess we just have to cautious but still show love and kindness. And I like to think that somewhere inside of those two men they were affected by your trusting heart in some little way. I love your story about the man who fixed the garage. I think you are wise to put more expensive items in back of your home. We had someone steal the Mourning Dove Farm sign (of all things) off our front post years ago. A friend had made it for us. I learned to make sure to keep items I care about further from the road. Enjoy your new place. I love reading about your progress--you are always an inspiration to me.

  7. "tough love" coming.... you aren't in kansas anymore, as the saying goes. learn. you have left a lot of "movement" in the wake of your fixing your house and yard. "movement" is noticed, by the unsavory element, which sad to say, lives all over.

    you won't see those two thieves again. but they will talk. brag about what an easy mark, you are. i would keep my doors locked, and my antenna up. no more closing your eyes, when told to. please.... not all gifts come, without strings.

    please... learn... enjoy the beauty of your surroundings... but.... remain as aware, as the deer in the forest.

    gentle hugs,

  8. Dear Cielo,
    Try not to let fear take over. Those two won't be back - it's how they make their unfortunate way in the world. Your kind nature was taken advantage of. Instead, count the many honest and good people who have have been put in your path, like Jerry. I tend to ask for recommendations from people like that. I enjoy watching you embrace your beautiful new home and life. And when times such as this strike, my mantra is "nothing is lacking." Peace to you, Joanie

  9. I too am sorry to hear this, but it is a fact of life. We had a roof put on our last home and one of the workers said they forgot their saw and ask if we had one. Hubby took them into the garage and gave them one to use. Hubby was a mechanic for many years and had alot of tools. They saw that and just a few days after they finished the roof my Hubbys tools was stolen. We knew they did it, but could not prove it. Lucky for us we had insurance on them. I would stop the check if possible. Also try and get references for anyone you hire to do work on your property. I also call the consumer protection in our State to check up on people we hire to see if they have any complaints.

  10. Ooh I'm so sorry. I really just hate that for you. I don't know where you live but if you live in north West my 16 year old son would help you for free. He's really handy with people and often a bored homeschooler.
    Stop the check if possible and please be careful especially if those young men know you're alone in the house.
    God bless you!
    Barefoot Roses

  11. Edit..NW Georgia...sorry my fingers don't work was fast as my little fat fingers sometimes. (giggle giggle)
    Barefoot Roses

  12. '' Sad if this joy is marred in any way by fear.'' would not be marred by fear, but by sick men, the perennial thief, and no fault of your own.
    I missed this post and saw the newer one, so I back tracked and like the others am sorry you experienced this. I would report them without a doubt. $120.00 for gas for a chainsaw would last him more than year, that was far too much. Guys like that do a scope of the house, who is there and how many, the doors, windows and escape route, they watch for schedules, and then return to finish up....sorry to say this, but workmen and places with women around are guaranteed those creepy guys....sorry to say. Our neighborhood recently had an infestation of those guys and the detective himself said ''we could catch those guys who did this but there are 500 more left to catch!".....I personally made notices etc and was told to and tried to form a crime watch, to no avail, the polices' best advise was to invest in cameras and security, gates etc, very expensive stuff....just telling you how they work, once they have been there you need more than hope....glad your husband understood the need and acted quickly...I once had a German Shepard who barked only at those criminal minded ones and I always knew who they were, and dogs are most loving too....if you can. But am glad you have your protection now, just please take care at all times.

  13. I am just like you and in the work I do I treat everyone I meet with great respect - not respecting persons like God does. Unfortunately, we cannot see the heart of a person and know what their intent may be. Getting help with household and outdoor chores is not easy. We have people here who are trustworthy and many who are not. That young man initially established a sense of trust in you when he first worked with you. We cannot let people affect us. At work Wednesday, I discovered something had been stolen. That caused me to be angry - they harm our library and take from their neighbors. Later that day God gave me the opportunity to truly help a lady who was not finding help any where with getting her father settled into a nursing home - she was perplexed and frustrated. At the end of our conversation she was laughing and felt better. I was no longer angry, but sad for whoever stole from the library. Continue to spread the love you have and the inspirational talent you have - don't let fear take hold - just be all the wiser for it and God will bless you. I'm doubly glad now your husband has taken the extra step to protect you - Hugs,


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