Sunday, May 11, 2014

On Mother's Day


I rested on Saturday. It was a lovely rainy day. It rained hard in the morning—the delicious sound of water filtering through the kitchen’s tragaluz (skylight). I just sat down in the coziest of spot—the leather recliner in the theater room; blinds opened, the sky outside low and laden with rain while I wrote and rested and meditated... whenever I got tired of sitting down, I then decorated, moved things around, changed things around and then stepped back and admire... slowly and magically the moon descended right into my living room...

My daisy moon… Swimming in the surface of my eyes…

Painting daisy bridal bouquets all over the ceilings and walls…

I got new green tumbles this weekend… love them.

and removed the dried roses and washed the white vases… 

Couldn’t part from the wasted roses that easy, though… so I cut the stems and kept the rosettes… for a little longer.  Aren't they lovely.

I woke up at the crack of dawn today.  As I always tend to do immediately after getting off bed, I opened the blinds and looked outside.  Yesterday’s rain had brought in a thick fog and the landscape appeared blurry, and lovely, and mysterious before the sleepy eye.  The quiet house; a refuge from the inclemency of outside felt cozy, and a little on the chilly side.  I grabbed a sweater and headed straight to the sunroom-dining room.  Daybreak was on the tip of the world and the songs of birds filled the murky earth with shadowy, mystifying music.  I could hear it from inside, but I had to be part of it all in a more personal way, so I threw the doors wide open and stood there… listening, sharing a fragment of the enchantment as I became part of this wholly and fresh and promising new beginnings from the very moment of its birthing… and ready to accept everything it had to offer; whatever good, and lovable of worthy of praise.  Are you a morning person too?  Madly in love with early mornings?

Later when we got ready we drove to a little town, 40 minutes away from home for a special Mother’s Day breakfast at Panera.  Their spinach and artichoke souffl├ęs are delicious and one of the best ones I had ever tasted.  We go there often whenever routine awakens our senses of adventure or we feel like driving… or shopping.  

We bought perhaps a little too many flowers at their local Wal-Mart.  But I couldn’t pass the discounted aisle with all those rose-like tall carnations in deep pinks and coral reds.
Two-gallon containers hostas for $3.00.  Do you love hostas?  I adore them.

We started planting the minute we got home… so much to do, the spirit is willing but the body is weak.  Then, two young men from another neighborhood showed up by foot and asked if we’d employ them.  They’d already walked two miles asking neighbors if they had anything they could do.  We employed them, and they mowed the lawn and started cleaning out the privet.  We cleaned the flower beds by the back porch and planted.  I have hostas, and hydrangeas and roses, garden phlox, Shasta daisies and Calla lilies.  Lovely, and my first time planting them.  I’m excited.

Later that afternoon we went back to the rented home to collected the last of our things, including our Gypsy Caravan.  We’re just so overworked, but we’re finally home with all our earthly belongings.

Tomorrow I will start sorting things out, going through some of the boxes I brought from our storage, giving away, throwing things away… etc.  Have you ever moved?  It’s a never ending story, isn’t it?  The thing is, we brought way too many things from our house in the roses thinking that life was going to be the same as we left it, but it hasn’t. Now we have to deal with it.

Hope you had a blessed Mother's Day.

Good night everyone!  


  1. Moving is always an adventure... One day at a time, it will get done. Take time to enjoy each and every moment of the new adventure.
    Cheers, Gee

  2. I love seeing what you are doing with your new home. It looks so lovely.

  3. Cielo your descriptions of daybreak and the landscape are so vivid and enchanting, it's almost as if the reader is there too! I'm very much a morning person as well and I do exactly the same thing, I open up all the curtains and take in the view. So glad that your garden is beggining to take shape. In no time it will look like it's been there forever!

  4. LOVE thunderstorms - they're so cleansing and mysterious! I laughed when I read what you'd done with the spent roses - I just cleaned out some vases and put the dried roses and petals in three little plates...I love them even now. Hugs,


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