Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Rain and fog...

Do you love rainy nights? Rainy nights are magical. You’re safely tucked in the comfort of your cozy cottage, softly illuminated by the soothing light of little lamps, and from the outside come the sounds of rivers rushing through, but it is alright. Your cottage is the vessel in the Genesis flood narrative. The night is brimming with charm, and shadows and strange and soothing noises. 

It’s been raining here for days. A wintery-like chill hangs cheerfully from the atmosphere, and in the early morning and early evening fog is the invitee to the soiree of the land. 

It is magical. Rain. And one of the best aspects of it is the fact that I don’t have to spend energy or a minute of my time watering the plants. God does it for me. And I am thankful and astonished by His goodness. All of it. In its grand ways as well as in the smallest details. 

It is imperative that I go see a hair dresser ASAP.  And my nails oh poor things what a disaster they are!  I am looking more and more like “The wild child of the Privets” each day.  Remember her? No?  It sounds like a title of some creepy movie, doesn’t it? Well, I just made it up… hehe. But only because I do look super scruffy and disheveled as any child of the privets may look... something like a feral child, or the Wild Girl of Songi something like that?  You see, I’ve been in seclusion from society to some degree… with all that work I’ve been putting inside and outside the little cottage; rain or sun, I have forgotten all about appearances... oh boy.

But I'm happy being a hermit!  I am  I am! ;)

Oh oh, and a huge thank you to the lovely reader who uncovered for me the secret of the “Pretty Birds”. Yes, they’re the Cardinals... what do you know! The lovely cardinals are indeed the singers of the “pretty pretty pretty” song.  What a hit!  And how very sweet. And lovely. Thank you… 

Also, a huge thank you to the other lovely reader who offered the name of the apricot rose I mentioned on a previous post… “Simply Joey”. What would I do without all of you? I feel, and truly believe, that I’m complete when I’m here with all of you. We might not see each other in the physical realm, but we do communicate in spirit… and that’s the truest way to get to know someone for who they really are. 

Today, be free of worry, and realize nothing is lost




  1. It is so easy to get caught up in things an forget everything else. Especially when we are enjoying what we do.... If you were near I'd say lets make a day of it, a girls day out, as I too need to get myself in for a pamper session.
    Happy today.
    Hugs, Gee

  2. Love your beautiful pictures and inspirational words....isolation doesn't have to mean loneliness does it....Enjoy the weekend coming up Cielo :-)

  3. Cielo, the "pretty pretty pretty" singing is from the mockingbird and is one of many they have. Here in Texas they have quite a repertoire and this is one of many they repeat over and over. As I do my gardening I hear them as if they are saying actual words such as pretty pretty pretty, scary scary, teacher teacher! It is so funny to listen to them. Funny that this came up in your post the other day because I was laughing and telling my husband how I was leaving out the door that day when right above my head chanted "pretty pretty pretty!!" I felt like saying well thank you very much!! He laughed about it because he hears all this at 5:00 AM every morning when he leaves for work. The mockingbird's favorite perch is a telephone pole across from our bedroom window and he starts up very early! Thank you for sharing your stories. I can sympathize with the watering dilemas. Hate those kinks too!!


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