Wednesday, May 28, 2014


I am going to close my eyes and imagine that I’m that woman on my blog banner in her serious life of leisure. If fact, the moment I saw that painting something stirred in me… and it was so profound and mystic that for a split of a second I thought it was really me out there. But I’m not there yet... I mean, we have to give up leisure in order that we may have leisure later on.  That’s how it goes, doesn't it?

So I keep dreaming, but also guiding my dreams toward its happenings and working arduously from sun up to sun down in the garden. I am tired, there’s no place in my body that doesn’t hurt and I’m getting so tanned… well, at least my arms, chest, neck and face are… hehe.  The only thing that is saving me from total exhaustion, in my opinion, are my juices… 

When I went to see our daughter after she had her baby, she and I both bought a NutriBullet and started making supercharged super food nutriblasts right away. I've been blasting everything since then... spinach, kale, beats, cucumbers and all kinds of goodness… 

I sprinkle my juices with chia seeds, or pumpkin seeds, flax-seeds or oaks. 

Do you have joint/body pain?  Fight inflammation with pineapple

I recently bought some organic spirulina to begin using it in my regular juicing routine. Spirulina is an astounding superfood that can drastically affect your health. 

One or two tablespoons a day
It makes your juices very green… but healthy


 The wild garden is still offering its jewels… 


 So I keep bringing in quite a few lovely bouquets…

Oh, and green nails this time...

to match my kitchen and juices....  ;)

Hope you're having a lovely day...



  1. IN support for my sister and her health problems, I was trying very hard to do the juice thing with her. Both got the bullet and everything. I flopped :(
    Enjoy your juices. Please wear sunblock....I was out for a few minutes on Monday and got burnt. This Florida sun can be cruel!!
    HUGS, Gee

  2. Love the way you have embraced your new life, Cielo! Good for you for juicing! I juiced for a long, long time and should do it again. I felt so much better when i was juicing. Congrats on doing it-xo Diana

  3. I want one of these next time i see you mima! sooooo yummy! Love you and miss you! So does the baby and Alan!

  4. I love that you are juicing.....I just got one myself, and try to juice often. I use the huge collards I have growing along with mint, I planted mint everywhere to grow wild for juices and Moroccan Mint Tea.....I add frozen bananas and any other fruit I have which now are my own mangos finally....I love the chia seeds idea, I have some and will add them too. Do you love the flavor of Lemon? I do! and Lemons can be juiced whole,skin and is the only citrus you can do that with, and I love it, crave whole lemon juiced with greens or lemon with apple juice, olive oil and maple syrup.....oh now I have to make one of those! Lol

    1. Oh olive oil and maple syrup? Never knew you could use that on your juices, but must try it... the lemon recipe sound delicious... I had never tried it before... but I shall... thank you for the idea.



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