Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The countertops

Back to the little white cottage right at dawn to retake what I left unfinished the previous evening. The cute Cottontail was already there—I like to think waiting for me? He saw me and started to flee up the hill… but then, something strange, and magical, happened. 

It was a natural response in me; as spontaneously as morning sunshine I pleaded: “Oh please don’t go”. And to my utter surprise, the rabbit stopped—his peripheral vision and right ear turned toward where I was standing… as if listening.  Of course, that prompted me to continue. “You can stay if you want to… I say.  I won’t hurt you—I promise”. Then, without further ado, I kept onto my business, never turning back to verify whether the rabbit was still there… 

That’s how I made the first contact… now the little cottontail and I have gotten acquaintances... he knows me and knows I don’t pose a danger whatsoever. Back at the house in the roses I used to talk to the mourning doves that lived in my garden. And they listened… oh they listed indeed.

Once, one particular female decided to make her nest right among the thorns of the Sally Holmes roses growing by our bedroom window. When I discovered her, I made sure to introduce myself. I told her it was OK to make my garden her home. We both could share that wonderful place God had given us, but on one condition. “This is my domain”—I said. You can have your babies here, and I promise I won’t hurt you, or hurt them, but you’ll have to trust me… You’ll have to let me go on with my duties in the garden without freaking out every time you see me... and it was the most amazing thing I had ever seen happening in my garden. I walked and worked so close to her it amazed me, but the dove would not minded a bit. She lived there until her babies where able to fly… Then one day a dove and her young showed up in the garden… they were so trustful and their eyes… oh they could talk those eyes could.  Looking at me everywhere I went… I knew immediately who they were… but that’s another story for another day.

Anyway, going back to the little white cottage... it was lovely this morning when I got there… love the peacefulness breathed in songbirds and Oak Toad’s chants.  And there are birds nesting in the cornices in the front porch.  They like it there, it seems, and I saw one bird standing on the new pendant light I put in the front porch… maybe looking for a place to make a nest?

I started weeding today to prepare new beds for planting… just by the front porch… I cut out and removed sod layers and weeds, and weeds and stems and roots stuck to the soil…  awwrrrr!

I want to get rid of the holly bushes surrounding the house; maybe plant hydrangeas, or roses, but my husband likes them and wants them there… and they do provide some privacy, so I may have to leave them. Shall I go against hubby’s wishes and get rid of the hollies?  

I like hostas and candytuft and want to plant them by the front door…  I also cleaned both bathrooms today.  Cleaned and unpacked and put everything in their new place.  Then… the guys arrived!

With the new granite countertops!

Happy happy meeee!


Things always get worse before they can get better!

Isn’t this a beauty!

Waiting patiently...

The granite guys did such a good job.  I particularly enjoyed talking to them in Spanish.  We were supposed to buy a couple of corbels to support the island countertop overhang, and have them installed at a later time, but these guys were so nice and provided them for me, and even installed them… for free.  I only have to paint them now.

The sink and oven had to be unhooked in order for the granite to be installed, but the company who Home Depot hired was not duty-bound to put everything back in place.  They said I needed a plumber to do all the connecting… they could offer names, but I had to pay… so I had to contact Home Depot and pray that they could send someone to do all the connections for me… thankfully, they did send someone; a very nice gentlemen by the name of John who did all the connections on my appliances and even helped me with the old latch on my back doors that wasn't working… free of charge.    

I brought more roses to celebrate...

I’m so happy and pleased with how my kitchen is looking and humbled, oh humbled and gratified by God’s mercies upon this speck of dust that I am… 

I will post more pictures tomorrow and will answer your questions on my previous post soon.

Thank you my friends... for your kindness and words of encouragements and for being you and you and being always here with me... you know who you are! THANK YOU


  1. How luvly. People are sweet by nature, I think all we need to do is humbly ask. But some of us have forgotten how to ask. We simply expect.. demand.
    You asked and received a blessing.
    Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. What an adorable little cottontail! Thanks for sharing the magic! I think the holly bushes will be lovely at christmas time for making fresh wreaths.

  3. on the topic of the bushes....

    security experts say to not have bushes, behind which "bad guys" can hide, to break into one's home......

    just saying...


  4. I think the holly bushes would also be pretty at Christmas. I have some and its so nice during the cold winters here to still see greenery and I like the little red berries they have. It looks like things are coming along nicely. I love the picture with the lovely. Have a nice day!

  5. Your granite counter tops look BEAUTIFUL!!! It is so much fun watching you turn your new house into your home. My husband and I were out for a walk yesterday evening, and I took a picture on my cell phone of a rabbit that looks like it could be the same picture you took!!! Same pose, color and everything! When I stopped to take the picture, the little bunny just seemed to stop and pose for me...I couldn't believe it! I wish I knew how to post it here to show you. Have fun working in your garden!

  6. Pretty, pretty, pretty....the countertops look really nice with the rest of the kitchen....My favorite picture is the little cherub sitting on the bridge waiting for the pond to fill and perhaps have some fish swimming below. My two cents on the holly bushes would be to take them out and have hydrangeas and other flowers much more you than the holly. Funny but the rabbit made me think of Alice in careful you don't fall down any rabbit holes ..... Happy May..

  7. I love your new home and I'm so glad I came by to check on you to see how your house search was going. I can't wait to see what you do with the yard. Love the pond and to have it right outside the sunroom windows is wonderful. I'll be checking in to see the progress. Thanks.

  8. Ah, an article on security that I read suggested planting thorny bushes in front of windows to deter thieves. Besides, the hollies will have lovely berries for Christmas decorating and for the birds. I think you'll be glad of the evergreen holly color during the months when hydrangeas are bare sticks, too. Perhaps you can plant your hydrangeas on each side of the hollies and then put the hostas in the shade and candytuft in front of hydrangeas and hollies?

    Your hanging baskets already make your sweet house look happier!

    I talk to the birds, rabbits, deer, and other creatures here and they seem to have learned we mean them no harm.


  9. may 3, 2014

    since i am loving following along in this blog... and i'm sure i'm not the only one who loves watching a house being transformed into a perfect home... i linked to your blog today. so that if any of my readers would like to follow along with you, they will have the necessary "cookie crumbs," to find their way through the blogging woods, to your cottage.

    gentle hugs,

  10. I have been silently following your blogs for a long time. I came out of hiding to tell you how happy I am to see you transforming the white cottage and garden. Yours, Rosie

  11. Love those Windows and Doors. Is it true that these two components play a major role in the style of your home. Firstly, the exterior helps set the tone for the interior. Your home’s design in totality should be reflective of a style you want to achieve (ex: French Country, Modern, etc.). Secondly, you USE windows and doors daily, don’t you? We can “dress them up” in several ways and (hopefully) keep them clean and functional because we understand the huge impact they have on our daily living. You can ask yourself the question: How do you feel when you enter your home or welcome guests? That answer is directly related to the look of your space, both inside and out.


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