Saturday, April 19, 2014

The house in the roses

Have you seen the Disney movie, Frozen, yet? Thank you to those of you who recommended it to me and thought I might like it… you were so right! I finally had the chance to watch it. Little Pebbles sat with me through the entire movie. Our favorite part was when Elsa runs away to the snowy mountaintop to sing “Let It Go”. Little Miss Pebbles loves that songs and you should hear her singing it... so funny! 

And who wouldn’t love such a nice, loud song about empowerment and getting rid of the fear that hold us back from being our truest self and stand on our own two feet? Oh yes, you should watch it! I know you’ll love it too! 

I was going through some of the last photographs I took at the house in the roses before we left and realized I’d never shared them with you…

This is truly heavens to me… lovely roses from my very own garden perfuming my home; embellishing it, making me dream and dance…

I hope you don’t mind me sharing these photographs with you as they bring so much happiness to my gardenless life these days…

The couple who are renting our house in the roses loves it.  They’re heads over heals in love with it and are planning on buying it as soon as their Portland home gets sold; which in a way is a very good thing for us, although deep inside me there is a thorn somewhere.  And it hurts.

We went by the house in the roses last week and the lady took me to the garden and showed me around.  She’s not a gardener; had never been and have no experience whatsoever, but she is exceedingly enthusiastic about it and is learning and doing the best she can thus far.  I’m very pleased with this.     

When I mentioned how special this house was for me and told her about my old blog she got really excited about it.  She had a feeling there was something very special about this house and gardens… it’s a magical place, of course... She mentioned how she would love to continue writing for “the house in the roses II”. We’ll see about that ;)

Thank you for stopping by and for being my friend.  

You're angels in disguise. 

May you soar beyond the external threads, the maladies of daily life.
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  1. Happy Easter Cielo,
    Its great to see anything from the House in the Roses, so many beautiful roses. Being able to go back to the home of your heart must be a mixed blessing or the thorn of the rose so to speak. The joy of seeing it again would be wonderful, but knowing you have to leave again would be hard, at least for me. Many ways to look at this, perhaps some things that give you great pleasure are worth the price.
    Enjoy the time with yours girls and stay happy my friend.

    1. Enjoying each moment indeed... oh, and working around the house and helping with the kids almost to exhausting... really! But happy ;)


  2. Cielo,
    I hope your having a blessed Easter! The roses are so beautiful, what wonderful memories to have, but I just know there will be roses in your future also:) I'm looking forward to seeing your gardens unfold at the little white cottage, it will be a real treat for all of us. Because the magic is inside of you, no matter where you go, it will follow and the beauty of that is, no matter where you go, you leave some magic behind for the next person also!! The lady renting your house in the roses, is feeling your essence, you left her some of the magic in your soul.... how truly beautiful!!
    So here's wishing you a future filled with sunshine, roses, happy hours gardening, and magical moments!
    Blessings to you and yours
    sugar, spice and whatever's nice

    1. Sweet Teresa... THANK YOU for always leaving behind a trail of fairy dust each time you visit my blog. What a blessing you are!



      April 20, 2014 at 1:34 PM

  3. Loved the little glimpse of unbelievable bountiful roses. I know there has to be a surreal feeling with all that has happened so fast. I believe, as well, the magic has trailed and the aura has surrounded you, all your homes, past and present! It seems a bit sad to say total goodbye to the house in the roses... I have that thorn, as well... I know the future keeps unfurling like one long ribbon, but the branching out of the woven tapestry... It's so difficult to ever retrace a thread. Have much fun with your daughter and the beautiful grand fairies! I know you bring them joy! Hugs.

  4. Hello Cielo,
    So very delighted for you on your new little white cottage - I believe it is perfect for you and all the amazing discoveries. You will find in the East several beautiful bushes and flowers that you will be able to fill your garden with - If we were close enough - I'd give you some babies from my garden that I'm sure would delight you - I have a lot of Helleboro - which I recommend highly; columbine; daffodils, spiderwort; rose campion; day lilies; Japanese Iris; and such. You'll love azaleas - the bush you saw in my bistro set picture; rhododendrons; hydrangeas; oh, yes - I can spare an oak leaf one - or two; viburnum - oh so lovely; roses do very nicely too - you'll just have to get used to knowing whether they're very susceptible to fungus - as for the humidity in the south. You have a lot of beautiful days of discovery ahead of you. Beware those weeds - my garden was filled with those and I do battle even today - 10 years later - beauty can sometimes be deceptive ;) . Congratulations on your new beautiful granddaughter! I can only imagine how marvelous it must be and how happy you are for your daughter and son-in-law. So glad your home is so full of light - don't you think - light makes all the difference in one's outlook? Well, as you can probably tell I've been strolling through a bit in your new Little White Cottage - so delighted for you and wishing all the best - most importantly God's richest blessings!
    btw - if there's a botanical garden nearby - or if you're near Biltmore in Ashville - you'll certainly delight and be able to see what beautiful things you can bring to your garden :)

  5. So gorgeous! You inspire me in my garden, Cielo! Can't wait to your new garden when you start working! xo Jen

  6. Hello Cielo, your roses are absolutely beautiful and I'm sure will inspire the new tenant - hopefully owner. I am delighted to share that your post will be featured in this week's Home and Garden Thursday,

  7. Oh Cielo. What a bitter sweet visit for you. I am sure it was very emotional to see your beloved house in the roses. Your roses are divine. Pure magic and beauty. Amazing photos Cielo. Las fotos estan espectacular.

    Abrazos amiga,


  8. If anyone would serve me a plate full of roses, I would feint on the beautiful especially those butterscotch ones!! Your visit to the old house in roses, had to be special, and what a blessing that the woman is wanting to learn and to keep it all in a loving way.....the House has inherited a neophyte nymph in magical gardening..... how delightful.

  9. I cant imagine anyone but you dear Cielo to write about the House in Roses. It was you and all of you no one could take that place ... As they say its best to leave well enough alone. You have found your New White Cottage and as you have said your new chapter in life has started with the transformation. Your sweet Whit Cottage is definetly you. With love Janice


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