Sunday, April 27, 2014

The little cottage

I am so pleased at how things are coming along with our cottage renovations… what a huge difference a few improvements along with some pretty details can make to the overall appearance of the unassuming abode—in this case, our little white cottage.

Love how the small sun room feels now with the new hardwood floors.  The nasty looking kitchen tiles look awesome with the lighter grout and wider widths.  Just a few changes and I'm already static with joy... what a great looking kitchen I have! 

    Oh and remember the dark vinyl in the cupboard?

It's no more! 

Happy happy…

The handyman I hired to do the job while I was away decided not to paint the cabinetry, as I had asked him to.  He assured me that because the cabinets are not real wood the paint will peel off, and he didn’t want to take the risk.  Thus, I am doing the job myself  ;)

I have been creating this pretty dream in my mind all this time, and refuse to put it down just because someone says it’s not quite doable to make it real.  If the paint peels off, so what… I can paint again. Right? Even if it doesn’t work, I'd have to try you know!  Stubborn.

The chandeliers are a dream… they remind me of mid-summer nights and sapphire starry skies and whimsical fireflies when their candle lights are on.

I wasn’t too sure about covering those church-like pretty windows with panels or curtains, as I’ve noticed that the trends in window treatments have changed considerably in recent years… have you notice that too? Gone are the ruffles of lace and the layers of heavy fabrics… so I debated on the issue for a while… but, we do need privacy so I opted for simplicity without all the frills… simple white panels and some modern, weightless sheer panels for added depth… from Ikea. 

And the Pendant lamp from Ikea?  Oh I’m in love.  I love how beautifully the patterns reflect onto the ceiling and on the walls, creating enchantment and happy thoughts.

Outside, in my wild flower garden I spotted some lovely yellow flowers.

Perhaps you might you know their name? 
Wildflowers make me happy… more than ever they make me joyful. 
I have learn to appreciate them.
They have the power to change my mood and make this world a better place…

How very lucky and thankful I am to have these wildflowers growing in my backyard…

I made two posies and brought them in...

I know, I should cut the stems a little shorter tomorrow...

My first flower arrangements… and I haven’t even started a garden yet!  

A traditional mantel with a touch of glam me thinks!

I am centering a nice size round mirror that I already have over the mantel, but that's it

Simple beauty

Hope you're having a wonderful evening...


  1. WOW. how lovely everything looks. I know you will be so very happy when everything is finished and you can play in the garden. Have a wonderful week. What state did you move to?

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  3. Such a pretty, elegant room! It's beautiful!
    I love that lamp - it looks like a bouquet of daisies.

    1. Yes yes... that's how I want to think of things in life.... give them new meaning and forms of seeing them... I love the comparison you made... from now on, the pendant I have in my living room is a lovely "bouquet of daisies". How charming!

      Thank you


    2. Love it! It fits you so well in your beautiful home!
      Enjoy your *daisies*


  4. Everything looks so beautiful and crisp and new! The chandeliers are perfect. I can't wait to see what you do with the fishpond! I'm pretty sure that the little yellow flowers are ragwort. If you have pets you have to be very careful because they are really poisonous. They look so cute in the twin pitchers though!

    1. Oh ragwort... thank you for letting me know. Wildflowers are such interesting things... and I want to learn more about them... are they poisonous to humans? I seem to be find after collecting them.

      Thank you for letting me know..


  5. Your touches are making your little white cottage your home and sanctuary very quickly Cielo. I know white is very popular now in decorating but I have always loved the beautiful bright colors you had in your pictures of the House in the Roses. I hope again to see some of that...guess I'm old fashioned. Take care.

    1. Oh Sue you will see color alright... a have a gypsy soul, remember? And how can a gypsy girl live her life without color, and fabric and flowers and jewelry.... My little girly-boho-gypsy room is still my colorful sanctuary... You'll see... you're not going to be disappointed... ;)



  6. be still my heart! oh i love it! thank you so much for taking all these pics and sharing them with us. it's a delight to "be decorating" a home, "with" someone else, via blogging. a delight!!!!!!

    oh those chandeliers! oh the window treatment! oh my!!!!

    (clapping her hands and doing a happy dance. this is so much fun!)

    1. I'm so glad to hear approval on my window treatment.... I was afraid it was too much... ;) I want simple and a lot of light...


  7. Cielo,
    Everything is looking so bright and beautiful in your little cottage, I love the lighting fixtures and the glass doors on the kitchen cabinets!! I wanted to let you know there is a product you can buy at Home Depot or Lowes that is for painting over formica or other such surfaces that are not wood, its a type of primer. I don't remember the name of it but if you ask the sales person in the paint area about it, they most likely can direct you. I used this product on some kitchen cabinets and it held up very well, 17 yrs. to be exact! Hope that is helpful. Blessings to you!!
    sugar, spice and whatever's nice

  8. As you may have surmised by now, I am perusing all your latest posts :D, sleepless in the middle of the night I am, but I'm loving going through this journey with you and I SIMPLY ADORE the pics with the chandeliers and windows....I would be loathe to add anything wanting to keep it pristine like that, but we must have furniture right? I agree with chandeliers in every room....such loveliness and sparkle everywhere. But lace NEVER goes out of style, it is timeless beauty and elegance.....a classic, both forever old and forever new. I tried living without lace and I felt ''off''....lace brought back my content and comfort.

  9. I forgot to mention, I love the daisy garden chandy too and the reflections, but if I may suggest putting all the lights especially the crystal chandeliers on dimmer switches.....I find this invaluable in creating all kinds of ambiance as one bright on/off light doesnt work for us who have varying shades of needs, so the lights should also. I did mine myself, they are easy to do :D

  10. It looks devine Cielo very beautiful. With love Janice


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