Friday, April 4, 2014

Morning light

Standing in the middle of the emptied living room of our new cottage early this morning, as I waited for the Home Depot consultant to measure our kitchen for some new granite countertops… wide-eyed and beguiled; waiting, and watching how the early light slanted across the lovely country like-church windows and gently shined through trees in my weed drowned garden outside…
The small living room, pristine and quiet and beautifully opening its invisible curtains to sunshine, like some operetta throwing its curtains aback for their ballerinas to come out and perform their magical dance of sunbeams and light and shadows on walls and smooth hardwood floors…
And how I love the look and feel of it all… the morning light; the way it slip quietly through windows and gaps, the way our little cottage seems to wake up in the morning singing… and I drawn into its embrace, not wanting to move or think or do, simply to be and contented with that moment of peace—the prospect of my little cottage waking up to the gift of the morning light.
I shall look for many more lovely mornings and magical beams of light glowing happily among our furnishings and things, and I shall remember that deep within our hearts, all dreams hold the light…


  1. what a lovely living room, I love the big windows and all the natural light they bring in. Its amazing to see that just a week ago everything was covered in a blanket of white and now you can see green grass outside. I get the feeling coming from you as you stand there looking at your new home, that its almost not real and too good to be true. It is true and real and you deserve all this happiness, you have a bright, good soul and you cant help but attract the same.
    Thanks for sharing and keep the pictures coming...we love to share your happiness.

  2. Cielo,
    I hope you will show us before and after of the progress as you remodel, I know you must be so excited and ready to start transforming the little cottage and gardens into what you dream of, thanks for inviting us to come along on the journey.
    sugar,spice and whatever's nice

  3. It is tangible in your posts...your enchanted white cottage in the woods is becoming a home! I'm really, really happy for you.

  4. Oh, and I love, love your new blog description and look....pretty!


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