Tuesday, April 29, 2014

First roses...

I finally finished painting the inside of the cabinets this morning… up in a ladder  boxed up in the interior of cabinetry as I painted them away like mad… do you get a lot of paint on your clothes when you paint?  I had to throw away two sets of t-shirts and slacks, my hair is green and my hands, nails and arm a happy potpourri  of white and green…   but it was all worth it!

Everything looks clean and it smells so fresh… and I’m loving the aqua paint inside the cupboards with the glass doors.  It reminds me of a calm ocean and of a tranquil afternoon in the Caribbean…  This is exactly what I'd envisioned...  so soothing, and pretty… the color is Pastel Jade 480C-2, from Behr, but I added a little bit of white to make it a bit lighter. If you care to know, the color of grout I chose for the kitchen tiles is Polyblend Snow White #11.

Noticed the disaster I made on the countertops while painting?  
Had to do it before the granite got installed.  
Boy, I’m glad the installation takes place tomorrow and not today as I had thought… 

I actually painted two of the cabinets in this aqua color.  The replacement doors for the ones I ‘ruined’ (pictured below) will be arriving soon.  I am excited because they will be glass doors now... and thus, I painted  the inside in aqua too, to match the other… the rest are all white.  

The rose garden in our rented home is coming alive with color and petals unfurling against rain and mountains of yellow dust.  This afternoon, I cut the first one and made two bouquets.  I took them to my little white cottage and placed them on my pretty white mantel…

I am giddy and lightheaded like a happy little girl whose Christmas wishes were granted… I paint, and take pictures, and put things away in an orderly manner in their new places, and take more pictures, and drive back and forth from our rented home to our little cottage and vice versa for the thousand time, filling up my truck to the brim with boxes and stuff and everything else I can lift and handle by myself.    

Then, take more pictures...
I added a new vintage vase to my vignette...

...and take some more pictures.


This is the same antique vase now in the kitchen... behind, the lovely chandelier...

Hope you don’t mind me coming here every day these days and probably talk about the very same things and repeat the same images and scenarios. I’m trying to document our progress since day one of the purchase of our little white cottage, and to be able to keep a vivid recollection of moments. My wish is to create a relaxed home; fresh and inviting, simple yet with a touch of romanticism and mountains of fresh flowers from a garden, which right now exists only in my mind… but it will…it will! ;)


  1. Cielo you are so cute, just like a little girl opening presents. You make me smile after a long day in the land of muggles. Everything is so beautiful. There is not one thing you have done that I wouldn't have chosen myself. The curtains in the living room are perfect and who couldn't love the daisy light. So nice of you to take the time to post your daily progress so all your friends can enjoy the transformation with you. I would like to send you a house warming gift if you would send your address to me at swhitney1@cox.net. Something I have had for a long time and I would love to see you enjoy it now in your new home. If you prefer not, I understand.

  2. beautiful roses, beautiful music
    Tango Roses - Tango to Evora Lorena McKennitt ......in facebook

  3. What a pop of colour against the white.
    Pretty roses...

  4. The inside color of your cabinets is fabulous - I just love it!!! You have inspired me to do the inside of my glass cabinets, but I think I will use a pretty paper instead of paint because I really dislike painting :) Your sweet white cottage is looking so charming already, and I am so enjoying following you on your journey to turn a house into a home!!!

  5. wisdom... keep taking those pictures... all along the way... once a phase has past, you can't go back and get those missed pics... but while the phases are unfolding, keep taking them! every day, all along.

    isn't the net wonderful? we can document happenings, and know they will always be there, to re-visit.

    and what a wonderful thing! a clean pallet as it were. on which to fashion your dreams of home. delightful.


  6. PLEASE keep sharing your lovely home with us. I love it!!

  7. So lovely, Cielo! That fresh, happy aqua is so pretty there! Love seeing the changes you're making in your sweet home!!

    xoxo laurie

  8. I feel so very much a part of your big move! It's fun to see the progress and experience the light of your heart! Don't stop sharing!


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