Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Of a new cottage and a new baby...

So we started with the renovations in our little cottage last week… the removal of the old stained carpet in the sunroom was definitely one of our priorities…

So out it went… and in came some lovely hardwood floors, to match with the rest of the house.

Love how the room is already looking… what a tremendous difference hardwood floors alone can make in a room…

Trims on French doors were all replaced and repainted…
The Jolly ‘Brown’ Giant himself came to measure up our kitchen countertops…

I’m sure this guy wouldn’t enjoy cooking in such small kitchen like this one... can you tell his height just by looking at where the countertops measures up with this knees...  hehe!

The little kitchen may lack in charm for some, and it is very small, but it has everything I need, and it is white, and I have always wanted a white kitchen…. and I love the fact that it is wonderfully illuminated by plenty of natural light…

I absolutely love all the natural light coming in, not only from the sunroom, but also from the skylight right above the sink… I remember back at the house in the roses how I had always wished for a skylight in the kitchen to brighten up those dark winter days, but then it was not possible... and now here we are in this humble cottage enjoying the extra blessing of the full spectrum of light inside. I am thankful and amazed beyond words….

I love the white tile in the kitchen, and how shiny it is… it adds an extra touch of cleanliness and openness to the room, but I wasn’t too happy with the dark grout… so I had it replaced by a lighter color. I didn’t want the dark grout to turn out significantly lighter either and end up with a white surface effervescence, so I chose a creamy-taupe color instead: Polyblend #180 Sandstone non-sanded grout.  Here is a 'before' hardwood floors before lighter grout picture.

I will have to show you the ‘after’ pictures later.... and I have so much to share too, but right now I have far more important things to do... like being with this little angel here!  ;) Happy happy heart!

Yes, meet our newest princess Elise Marie - April 2, 2014!
Isn't she the sweetest baby ever! 
And she's such a good baby too.  

My sweet darling little Averi is a big sister now, and she's doing such good job at it too!  It seems only yesterday she was this small... 

We're all doing great!

More to come soon...
Thanks for stopping by!


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  2. What a beautiful new princess. My heart is happy for you, my friend.

  3. Cielo,
    Your cottage is looking so bright and cheerful and of course there's nothing more precious than a new baby!
    Blessings to you and yours,
    sugar, spice and whatever's nice

  4. Congratulations on your sweet grand daughter! Blessed life <3

  5. Hello Cielo,
    Your cottage is coming along nicely. And your baby is precious.

    Have a sweet day.

    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  6. Your grand daughters are beautiful and I love their names. People born in the spring will always have a special spark of life about them. Maybe its the return of the sun and new life is everywhere. Little Elise is like a new pink spring rose bud. So precious.
    I really like seeing the before and after in your new home....the sun room is perfect and I can envision your beloved roses everywhere as you look out those wonderful windows. The long months of waiting must seem unimportant now that you have found the home you were meant to live in. I am truly so very happy for you.

  7. Hello, This is my first visit.
    Congratulations on this gorgeous home. May you have many happy days in it.
    Come by and be a follower and I will do the same.

  8. I love that view and how nature just comes right in your home - so happy for you!
    The floors are beautiful, what a sweet room. Love the white kitchen too :)

  9. Oh Cielo - you sound so very very happy in your little white cottage with all that sunlight - with the sunshines of your life by your side! Bless you, sweetie. I'm so thrilled for you!

    xoxo laurie

  10. Congratulations on your adorable new granddaughter. They are both beautiful.

    The kitchen is very airy. The wood floors are so nice. Looks like you are making it your own.

  11. I love your little white cottage and I know you will be so happy there and soon you will have your roses. Your new granddaughter is beautiful and so is her sister - congratulations.
    Come see my roses - I will share with you.

  12. oh my skylight in the kitchen! perfect and small is perfect too, you get to move around with everything close by yes? oh how exciting...

  13. So lovely to have a new princess, as i write im awaiting to here if its time yet for a new baby princess to arrive yet or not Blessings to her and all with love Janice


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