Monday, March 31, 2014



We just closed on our new house today... downsizing significantly, but I'm happy as a clam. Downsizing has opened up amazing possibilities… like me being able to stay home. My biggest dream ever!
And now finally able to move to our own little house… moving half way across the country, leaving behind loved ones, history, reminiscences, recollections and moments and years and life, then renting, finding the right home, it all have been quite an adventure for us with a smidgen of loneliness added and some gloomy days too. But thankfulness and faith and hope abounding.

And here we are now. A year ago today… where was I? Fragmented by circumstances and shaped by the unmerited demands of others. And how God has favored me and bestowed his immensurable mercies upon this speck of dust that I am... how grateful I am and humbled by this demonstration of grace.

Our little cottage might not be perfect, but we're making it our own by remodeling the kitchen, painting, replacing the old carpet in the sunroom with hardwood floors, etc…

I’ve been busy getting estimates, defining the costs for labor, and contracting people. Got all the necessary materials ready and today two of the man I hired to do the labor came by. They have all they need to start the job.
And the yard? A field of lovely weeds. So much work to do, it’s overwhelming at times. But I close my eyes and listen to the birds. I hear the hammering music of the woodpecker on the tall trees, the cardinals swooping down in the low hedges out in the privet; the chattering and chirpings of the magpies and bluejays and robins galore. If I listen closer, I hear the breeze in the grass around me, and the purring of a kitty that, by the way, came by to say hi and offered his welcomes today…

Ah yes, without a doubt I’ve found my new sacred space.


  1. Cielo,
    I pray a blessing on you, your new home and your new adventure. May it be every thing you dream of !!
    sugar, spice and whatever's nice

  2. Yes, what a surprising journey you have traveled this past year. I know some steps have been so very hard, even unthinkable at first... And yet! Here you are, excited, loyal, hopeful, free of the stupidity of control and criticism that happens in some work environments. It doesn't seem possible that only a year ago things were so different. I love being brought along through your words and pictures to share in the excitement and joy! Best of luck in your new little piece of Heaven!

  3. I am so glad your dreams have come true. I too was once in an a job so awful I used to cry myself to sleep on Sunday nights dreading what the working week would bring. I am now luck enough not to have to work at the moment due to changing our lifestyle.

  4. I am now a happier, healthier person with many new dreams coming to fruition. I wish you great joy and happiness. Rachel

  5. how beautiful, maybe you will meet Frederick and Simon there!

  6. So happy for you. I think it is wonderful to buy an imperfect home and make it your own. And it is spring. Hope you are enjoying.

  7. Congratulations on your new home! It is simply beautiful! Looking forward to hearing about all your new found happiness in your lovely home!!!!


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