Friday, March 28, 2014

Snow White cottage

We went by to see the little white cottage again on the day when all the snows came down from the mountains and took possession of the lowlands for a whole day and its night… 

I could had not loved it more then… buried as it was in all the purity and freshness of snow; under a clear blue sky with glorious shades of pink and gold near the morning horizon. 

It was bitterly cold that morning, and spring seemed a long way off. Yet, I felt warm inside me and happy and silly as can be as I went around and about taking notes with my eyes and mind fully immersed in my surroundings. 

The lot where the little white cottage is situated lays at the bottom of a hillside, and thus, when you drive down the hill the first thing you’d see is the house surrounded by big trees, like some fairytale little cottage in a clearing among the big trees of some enchanted forest. 

We know that houses at the bottom of a hill are more prone to flooding than houses at the top of a hill. But we don't have a basement, and the ditch (my little creek) which runs through our backyard and throughout the whole neighborhood is there to channel water and direct floods away from homes and outbuildings. So hopefully we should be safe in that aspect.

We get the keys to our little white cottage this coming Monday.  No time to waste.  But first things first... a landscaping company will be there too to begin right away with the removing of trees and stumps and the cleaning and opening up of the area of what's to be the garden.  I'm excited!


  1. I am excited for you and will look forward to how you will decorate it.

  2. So glad that your wishes have come true. I wish you every happiness in your new home and look forward to the transformations a la Cielo!

  3. Your cottage is beautiful in its winter dressing of white. The red front door is perfect pop of color. Reminds me of a pretty maiden dressed in white with a touch of red on her lips to accentuate her enchanting words as she weaves her tales of magic and fantasy, drawing you in with each word. Your house beckons to us as if to say "come inside and see what my lovely mistress has done to me. Sit by my welcoming fire and she will bring you tea and talk to you of wishes that come true and dreams that are yet to be realized. She will take you to the moon and back with her stories and you will depart with a feeling of joy and happiness, eager to return another day."

  4. Oh how very exciting indeed! Can't wait to see your garden come to fruition!

  5. Oh Cielo, I'm so very happy for you, dreams really do come true!! I have renewed hope to find my own dream home! I look forward to the unfolding story of your magical white cottage:)
    sugar, spice and whatever's nice

  6. I am delighted for you and your husband, Cielo! How marvelous to find a house that speaks to you in so many ways after all of the time spent searching! You happened upon it just when all of the birds were there and the snow wasn't hiding the ground yet, then got to see it enchanted by snow!

    Enjoy all that goes into making this house your new home! Hope you'll share photos of the interior as it is to start with.


  7. I can't wait to see the inside!

  8. God has given you the desire of your heart...I am so happy for you!!

  9. I have long been a quiet observer and lover of your magical blog(s), but I cannot be silent at this moment because I am SO happy for you!! I enjoyed The Here and Now blog as you kept your spirits up by being so very open to your surroundings...that is where you are so magical and how I try to capture how you embrace your gypsy self! I, too, am enchanted by nature, birds especially (I have a feeder at nearly every window and a chair to sit and watch them from!) I look forward to your work on The Little White Cottage as you pour your love into the garden and into every room. As Julie commented earlier, I would like to see the inside, too!!

    I feel as if we are all embarking on this adventure together!!
    hugs from Mississippi

  10. I love your blog and it's enchantment. Keep posting as you transform this place to become you.

  11. How exciting.. It looks so beautiful with love Janice


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