Saturday, August 29, 2015

Painted jars and roses

I love decorating the rooms in our little white cottage with antique and vintage mason jars... but really, any jar would do fine for me... old repurposed jars from the kitchen, jars I collect from thrift shops and so on...

I love to see dainty little flowers in dainty little jars spread around the house... 

Jars painted in pretty spring pastel colors like soft pinks and robin’s egg blues.   

But if you are looking for a quick and easy way to tint your jars, here's my secret tip:  Tint them with food color dye!  Just fill your mason jars almost to the very top with water and add one drop of your favorite food color dye.  Give it a good stir and you're done! 

Adding food color to water is such an easy way to make the glass look tinted, but when you go to the dollar store and you find this pretty little dollar jar you see here, things can get even easier and better real fast...  

Isn’t this such a pretty color?  And it last forever because the jars come already tinted... 

Because the jar is tinted only in the bottom part of it, it gives the illusion that the water is tinted.
I will have to go back for more.... they come in blue, green, yellow and this pretty pink....
Roses from the garden...
in pink too!

 I so love these little pink roses...

The garden is teeming with them these days...

From the Kordes® rose varieties

I am happy... good things in the horizon, church this morning, lunch with dear friends, great conversation, great food, high hopes.  A new place, new friends, new life, new climate, and I think a new me too in a sense, as I see changes taking place in me as well as in our lives.  Tastes are different, preferences in styles are changing, thoughts and ideas too.  Life is a constant movement thread in hours and moments.  We need to treasure them, love each moment, love those we come in contact with...  treasure your family, treasure your friends and loved ones.  Love them all, and don't forget to include yourself in that precious circle of love too! 

See you soon!


  1. Another gorgeous and uplifting post from you Cielo. Those tinted jars are so pretty! And your roses...sublime. Love, Mimi xxx

  2. Love your Idea to tint the water..I am off outside now to pick some flowers :) xx

  3. I have always loved the pained jars and also like how you decorated yours.

  4. Hello Cielo,

    Your photos make me so happy. It is simply a beautiful post with images that speak to the soul. I love the painted Mason jars. They do make pretty vases.

    I also love your page Cielo. I was wondering who designed for you.. Would you mind sharing??

    Gracias amiga. Que Dios te bendiga. You are indeed a gorgeous soul.


    1. Janet... I'm my own designer! I design everything in my life... in my house, my gardens, my blogs... ;) I'm glad you like it! ;)

      Hugs to you mi amiga!


  5. Your flowers are jars are all so lovely...very romantic and dreamy. I love how you decorate your jars. Good idea with the drop of food coloring in them, too!


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