Monday, August 3, 2015

Master room transformation

When we first bought our little white cottage, the furniture in our master bedroom were all dark and boring.  They all looked like this...  

Until I painted them in this pretty color...  

This room has been an evolving job ever since we moved here.  You all have seen the small transformations that had been taking place here throughout the last year... 

When I last showed you our master bedroom it was starting to look more like what I'd envisioned, however still not quite what I wanted.  

I still didn't know how to go with the dark leather part of the headboard, which I didn't like a bit.  As you can see here, I first tried painting everything white, but I still wasn't happy with the results.  

I wanted to make my own tufted headboard, and kept insisting on it despite my lack of skills.  I knew I wasn't going to be able to come up with something that would not put me to shame.  So after studying things a bit, I soon discovered that, because of the way our headboard is designed, I could actually tweak things around and make a 'pretend' upholstered headboard if I wanted to.  So I did!

I just cut the fabric to fit over the leather and pushed it in against the wood part... I could have used a nailhead trim kit for the circumference, but I didn't.  I love the pattern I chose... it is almost a perfect match to my Ikea Euro pillows.  So pretty! Fabric from Hobby Lobby.  As you can see, I also painted the wood part back to that muted paint color.

The good thing about this simple method of upholstering is that I can always remove the fabric and replace it with new colors and patterns whenever I want.  And you know how quickly I get bored with things.  So this works really good for me... Hobby Lobby has a great selection in fabric.  All pretty... and so many possibilities!  I also painted the table lamps in metallic paint and replaced the white panels with the World Market green curtains I brought from the house in the roses... 

I wanted to add wood paneling on the wall behind our bed, but after doing my math I figured out that I'd do much better with paint. I love the soothing feeling that white walls provide to a room, but I also wanted some contrast and a bit of a sophisticated feel to our master bedroom.  Dark gray and white together is so pretty and elegant.  I just didn't want to paint the entire room dark, in case I'd later regret it.  So I opted for a accent wall to start with.  After painting the walls in this lovely charcoal gray and tweaking a few other things, here’s what I ended up with—a very relaxed and textured bedroom with lots of calming, soothing layers. 

Love, love, love it!  

For my paint, I debated for a while between Chelsea Gray and Kendall Charcoal, both by BM.  But because we were painting only one wall and I wanted something dark enough to call attention and bring in more depth to the room, I chose the darker of the two... Kendall Charcoal.

I went back to the white window panels and white headboard because I really love how the white stands against the dark wall.  It’s amazing what an instant difference the new paint on the wall was. I LOVE this color so much.  It has depth and a certain muddiness that keeps you coming back to the room time after time just to look at it...  It’s alluring and makes you take notice. And I love the pop of white against the dark gray... all the white look whiter and crispier... something about this combo that I just love.

I am totally shocked that I want to incorporate gold accents into my decor.  But gold accents look so sophisticated paired with dark grays and pinks. It is a trend that will never go away really.  

And because I also love love decorating with mirrors, I'm mixing both...  I always wanted a mirror gallery wall.  I am not one for a lot of pictures or photographs on walls, but mirrors bring depths and spaciousness to any room without overpowering the decor or exhausting the brain. 

I kept it simple... only three mirrors in an assortment of sizes.  When put together, I got the perfect symmetry I was looking for.  All mirrors I found while thrift store shopping.  The large one I spray painted in gold.  It was originally dark brown until it got this easy facelift.  The smallest one, which I truly love, I had it for years and had never used it until now, as I was waiting for the right place to hung it.  This little mirror is perfect in every possible way to me, so I left it as is.

I didn't want all gilded frames either.  I wanted to see some contrast there, so by leaving the black frame as it was I got what I was envisioning.  And it matches so well with the animal print chair too!

This little corner may change in the future, thought, as I'm  thinking that I want to paint the wood part of the chair in gold and incorporate there the little French Provencal dresser I have in the guest room, painted in peacock blue. I think that gold and blue put together look so pretty and sophisticated..  Like I said, this room it's an evolving project.   

I also change the small area rug for this pretty 4x6

And got a few treasures from Hobby Lobby as well... some where marked 80% down... like my new mirrored metallic table here.  Exactly what I was after with regards to style and price!  And it looks so perfect placed in  front of the large mirror... the little plant stand I had there originally went back to the garden.  

An old photograph, perfume bottles and a gold necklace.  My latest acquisition in junk jewelry.  This necklace looks so pretty with my black white striped flare leg bell bottom pants and white blouse

I spray painted some branches from my garden and stick them in a large thrift store milk glass vase I had. 

For added decoration I bought some sticks in metallic color and put them in my new $7.00 white/gold vase.  Also from the 80%  mark down isle at Hobby Lobby.  I'm in love!

Now, I now this may sound crazy, but I really didn't like my table lamps.  Yes, guilt is eating me. But they really were too lanky (is that a good description?) for my taste, and were not exactly what I was envisioning there.  I was so happy when I found these 'chunkier' old lamps at a thrift store the other day.  And lucky for me, they came in a pair!... which, that almost never happens.  They were $12.50 each until the owner came behind me and offered me a sweet deal... $7.50.  "Does that sounds good to you?"--he said.  Oh yeah!!  I could hardly believe it!

I wanted to paint the body of the lamps in white, but I love the cut glass and awesome design on it and I love how the glass shines when touched by light.  So I cleaned them real well with vinegar and water and only painted the bottom and top 'ugly' brass parts, using the same color we used on the wall...

To spruce up my plain black drum shade, I decided to hot glue a satin ribbon around the top. I am a firm believer that cheap doesn't have to mean ugly... sometimes it really works much to the contrary, don't you think!...

I've always loved the light emanating from behind gold-lined gives the best glow to a room, but gold-lined shades are expensive!  So I painted mines... in a lovely dark gold that makes the room look extra romantic when lighted up.  They look so pretty.  Love the glow they cast on the walls and room at night.

The biggest accomplishment beside the accent wall, I'd have to say it probably is mounting our huge TV onto the wall...  Finally! ;)  It was about time!  And no cables whatsoever to be seen!  Husband did such a good job!  Thank You love!....

I haven't design around the TV yet, but I love the clean look of empty walls, so I'm leaving things simple for now.  If I decide to do something on that wall later, what I most probably would do is build a large box around the TV using molding and paint the inside the same color of the accent wall for even more impact.

Oh and one more thing.... the old armoire got some sprucing up too.  

I didn't want to paint this piece because I really like the warmth of the wood and composition, but I did want to spruce it up a bit with some pattern and colors that match the rest of the decor...  this did the trick.  

This is how the room looks at night when lamps are turned on..  sweet.

I have a serious love for this grey paint. It's versatile, covers incredibly well, and can end up feeling so warm and velvety.  I might have to paint the entire room this color...



What do you think? 
Shall I make the plunge and paint the entire room?  No?





  1. Oh, I love what you have done. I love the way you approach things as a work in progress and embrace knowing you will change your taste... and that's ok...just love that room at night.I think you might not have the same color if you paint all the walls because the light of your other walls plays off the beauty of the way to tell though. I love it so much now. I did a feature

    Red wall first.... and then a red room .the color was so very different after red reverberated onto red...I was overwhelmed but just left it... and very soon had to leave altogether.

    You continue to inspire me. My spirit is creeping along but you give me a drink of pure enthusiasm.. the root word of enthusiasm is the Theos. God in us... Infused in us... how sweet is that. dear Cielo?

    1. Gayla you'd never know how much your words mean to me... of all the nicest things I could ever read here, I will always appreciate these over all... a theological insight indeed, and one that touched my heart in a very special way... I didn't know that the root of the word "enthusiasm" means God infused in us... then.... if I could have a drop of enthusiasm in my heart, then God lives in me... Oh Gayla... oh... my soul dances in me.

      Love you


  2. You have done such a good job. Totally love the entire room and especially the accent wall. I do however agree with Gayla (above). The room might not "pop" if you painted the remaining walls. But you always put things together so if you do paint all the walls the darker color, please let us see it. Don't hold out on us, girl.

  3. I love what you have done to your bedroom!
    I especially love the wall with the mirrors!


  4. Love seeing the before and after picture. What a dramatic difference painting the one wall. Your room is so beautiful with all the feminine touches.

  5. What a beautiful transformation. I love everything you have chosen but my favorites are the dark accent wall and the fabric inserts on your headboard. They made the biggest impact on the room. the lamps, gold accents and mirrors add just the right amount of sparkle to the room. I wouldn't paint the other walls in the dark color. I think you would end up with same but opposite effect you had when everything was white. Nicely done.
    thanks for sharing

  6. Good morning, dear Cielo! It was such a delight to see your master room and its transformation. My, you have a way with decorating and creating a space that is not only beautiful, but incredibly warm and cozy.

    I'm so glad you shared this lovely post with Roses of Inspiration. I hope you're able to join us again sometime soon!

  7. One accent wall is perfect...

    And gold lining in a shade... Never heard of this before. :-)

    Mmmmm, have your faerie lights gone to another room? Perhaps they didn't fit, with this present look...


  8. Wow Cielo, what a transformation. It turned out amazing. I love everything about it. The deep grey on the wall, the gold accents, the rug and all the pretty embellishments. You truly did an outstanding job with your room makeover.

    Now enjoy the rewards mi querida amiga.


  9. What a beautiful room. You have picked the perfect accessories and paint. I love the dark wall and would really be tempted to paint all the walls, but I would probably procrastinate over it, not being sure, but I know I would love it!! It's a hard decision to have to make. It's certainly beautiful like it is..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  10. That is an incredible transformation! I had to scroll back up several times to look at the before pictures again because the changes were happening so quickly. I absolutely love the result, it's chic and sophisticated and that one dark wall really adds drama. The gold accents give just the right touch of elegance and I think the chair would be perfect with the wood painted in gold as well....or maybe even gold leafed. It all looks so very Hollywood of my favorite styles.

    1. Hahaha... you made me go straight to Goggle to figure out what style is that... didn't even know the name existed... but yes, I do see some resemblance... wow! ;)


  11. I love all your changes, great deals and wonderful decorating. The lamps are so pretty with the glow!

  12. I just wanted to let you know that this lovely post will be featured at Roses of Inspiration later this afternoon....thanks again for sharing. Have a wonderful week!

  13. Love the look! I did my entire room in dark chocolate and love it! How do you paint the interior of a lampshade and what did you use? Your room is beautiful!


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