Thursday, August 13, 2015

Small entry

Most of you who have smaller homes with a small entry, or worse, no entry at all, understand exactly what I'm talking about.  Our home is one of those...  we have such a small entry that if you walk right in two steps too fast you'll be knocking your head off with the wall.  Believe me, that doesn't mean we have to keep the space looking as bland as this...

Our little entry 'before'... 

...before I decided it to wallpapered it... 

I wanted this Damask pattern self adhesive removable wallpaper so bad....

But at $70 the single roll, and no idea how many rolls I was going to need, I knew this wasn't for me. So, I went for the cheapest, fastest, safest way:  Walmart!

Our Walmart does not carries wallpaper, but they do have a pretty good stash of fabric! When I came across this fabric I just knew exactly what I was going to do:  Cover my entry wall with fabric!

First, I painted the little entry table here...

In this lovely peacock blue paint... "Legacy", from Americana Decor® Chalky Finish paint.  I used gel stain in gold for the drawers and hardware.  Then, I went for the wall...

This project was so easy to do, and the fabric adheres so well to the wall without any wrinkles, that I will definitely do it again... but PLEASE, please measure your walls before embarking on such project.... I didn't, and learned my lesson... in a bad way!  urrrrhggg!  ;) 

Our wall measures exactly 3 yards of fabric, but I only got two, which meant I had to go back to the store for more and then tried level the design.  Working with geometric design is such a challenge...  My fabric was not leveled at all as you can see.  It was not nice and clean looking.  I decided it to leave it as it was for a while, but when my husband came home and immediately noticed my boo-boo, I knew it had to come down right away.... 

Oh and don't pay attention to my poor attempt on creating art... those canvas on the wall are not staying ;)

I went back to the store the following day and bought three yards of fabric this time... enough to go from floor to ceiling with a little wiggle room to spare just in case...  and rejoiced that the width was easily wide enough to cover that back wall in its entirety...  no more boo-boos!

I decided on another pattern this time, though.  One with a tad of gold in it and a bit more soothing....  it has more white in it and the geometric designs are less prominent.  I thought this pattern would match a little better with things in the immediately adjacent living room.

For the art, I bought a booklet of Designer Paper and showcased my favorite ones on some black frames I'd brought from the house in the roses.  These papers are so pretty, and I can always change them for something else whenever I want.  

I also brought the white and gold vase from the bedroom and placed it on the newly painted table... 

The top part where the fabric touches the ceiling is now leveled.  Believe me, it looks much better now than how it was on this picture ;)  

I might have to wall-fabric the adjacent wall where the mirror is as well... 
What do you think, no? 

Another piece of advice?  When using a ladder, PLEASE follow all safety measures and don't end up on the floor like I did...  What a scary moment that was.  "Help, I've fallen and I can't get up!"  Remember the catchphrase of the late 1980s and early 1990s?  Now I know!   My husband was out of town, so I was all alone in the house at that time and had to stay on the floor until the pain subsided some, before I could even stand up and be reassured no bones were fractured... Thanks goodness.  Just pretty bruised and sore, but I'm fine.

If you want to know what I did with the repurposed fabric, come back soon! ;)

PS:  There's a lot of information out there on how to wallpaper your walls using fabric.  I did my research, and followed the instructions HERE.   Good luck!




  1. Hi there, it is so nice to meet you! I'm new to your blog and already have you on my blog roll. :-) I absolutely love your transformed little entryway. It's all so pretty, from the wallpaper to the repainted little chest, to the art you put on the walls. Great job! Scary to hear about your fall from the ladder though. Glad you will be OK.

  2. So glad you were not hurt forever with that fall. Scary stuff! I remember standing on a tall bookshelf to hang a picture and stepping back to check if it was even! Very dumb fall, but painful! I love your table and the fabric. I liked them both but like the second better because it brings out the gold. I like the way the fabric reflects in the mirror and yet isn't on that wall... Thinking that doing that pattern on all walls of small space might get tight... Dunno though. You know best and it will be beautiful!

  3. Looks absolutely perfect. I like the second version best and think the one wall is just right. It's so fun to decorate your home a little at a time. You find just the right piece for just the right place and usually that doesn't all at once. Can't wait to see your next project.
    So glad you weren't badly hurt.

  4. So happy you did not break any bones, Cielo. Still, falling is scary and painfull. I do prefer your second fabric choice. It is more subtle for the small space; plus it picks up the gold accents. I think it would be lovely on the mirror wall, too.


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