Monday, August 10, 2015

Rain and an anniversary

It rained flooded rivers this afternoon... high winds were a mad giant hiding somewhere in a moody cloudy sky; huffing and puffing down on us... while I went from window to window, from door to door trying to catch the magic of rain in the palms of my hands...  My little heart is singing the songs of the waters, and I think I must had been enchanted by the power of storms many centuries ago...  

I love to draw the curtains when it rains and turn on all the little lights around the house... outside wind and rain sing a furious song, but inside it feels like a sacred vessel... and I have this idea that if the wind keeps blowing the way it's blowing, and if the rain keep coming down with the intensity is coming down, soon our little white cottage is to be lifted from its foundations, with the pond, and the woods behind the gardens, and flow away... and we will be swept away through hills and valleys, up and down through waves of empty country roads and busy freeways to wherever place the waters dwell.  Can you imagine experiencing what must had been the biblical flood!  

"After seven days God commanded Noah to shut the door of the ark, and to plaster it over with bitumen. And the fountains of the deeps were broken up from beneath, and a torrent of rain (fell) from above, for forty days and forty nights, without cessation, until the waters rose fifteen cubits above the highest mountains in the world" (Sacred Texts). 

I like to imagine what the women in the ark must had felt when the waters bore up the ark... "Which traveled over them from east to west and from north to south, and so inscribed the figure of the cross upon the world; and it passed over the ocean, and came to this broad earth" (Sacred Texts).  

I wonder if any of them might had shared my passion for stormy days....
would she be the one climbing to whatever she had to climb to take a peek
outside that only window in the ark?

It was our Anniversary today...

...another year, another moment in the history of our time.    I am a blessed woman.  Marriage--"It is threads, hundreds of tiny threads which sew people together through the years". ~Simone Signoret 

Can you tell I love blogging?.... It's a catharsis of the soul sorts of a thing.  You see, you can be as tacky wacky woozy sappy as you can be, and still feel free to be so... and the best part?  Nobody would put you down for it...  After all, this is your home.  This is your family.  Here, you are accepted just the way you are!  Awesome!  Thank you my friend!     One rose for you!


  1. Happy Anniversary to you and your Mr. :)
    Hugs, Gee

  2. Cielo, as always, your blog is a sanctuary for the weary soul. Beautiful. Mimi xxx

  3. Happy Anniversary. My friend. You are awesome.

  4. Happy anniversary! Those roses are so pretty. I love rain! We've had sooo much of it this summer. Everything is lush and green.

  5. Happy Anniversary. The roses look so pretty. We have had so much rain this year, in fact they say it has broken the record for the whole year. I am hoping for a nice somewhat dry fall.

  6. Happy Anniversary, may the love you share only strengthen as the years pass.
    I wish you could send some of those many storms my way to drought stricken California and my thirsty garden.

  7. Happy Anniversary,may you have many more. Happy Memories

  8. I guess I´m a little late to wish you a Happy Anniversary Cielo, but Happy belated Anniversary to you and your husband! The photos of the rain are so beautiful, what a talented photographer you are! I love love LOVE the middle eastern music you've put on your blog! The first song is particularly beautiful, that's Lena Chamamyan....a lovely Syrian singer.


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