Thursday, August 20, 2015

Bedroom update

Good morning my lovelies!  

Any one for a 'tasita de café?'

I had to come back and show you my darling upholstered headboard again... did you notice too?   Ah yes, I had the upholstered pieces on my headboard placed wrongly and the patterns were not even... you can see that on the pictures on my last post.  It is funny thought because you could only had noticed this on the photographs.  In real life, the patterns looked perfect... only on the photographs you were able to see the blunder.  I did, and so did my husband and I'm sure many of you did too!  Hahah!

Thank you Barbara for pointing that out!  I corrected the slip-up and for fun added a new accent pillow to the bunch!  

 Love the pop of color!

I cant stop buying fabric now... the options are endless...

Oh and thank you to whoever offered the idea of painting one more wall to see if I like it...  I had considerate doing that myself.  Now, which wall should I paint?  Can you guess?  Here's my inspiration...
Found on
Isn't that beautiful!  Oh I need more mirrors!

It rained so much last evening I truly believed my dreams were about to materialize and that somehow our little white cottage was going to be uplifted from its roots and float away for real.  The little creek on the back of the garden got so swollen up it almost overflow the bridge.  Waters rushed with such force, and above us, thunder lighted up the darkening skies with terrifying sounds.  All this time, we were outside under the gazebo getting soaked up while I screamed terrified by lightening and enjoyed every minute of it...  unforgettable.  Posting about it soon! 




  1. It looks beautiful. I love what you did to the headboard. I am so tired of our wrought iron bed and hopefully one day we can buy a bed that I really like. Those cups and saucers are so cute.

  2. Girl,shut the back door! Don't stand outside during a thunder storm! Can't wait for your tale on that one though. So glad you are considering my suggestion to paint one addtional wall in your bedroom and look at that for awhile before painting the entire room. But I gotta say it looks gorgeous just the way it is. The main thing is you are having fun and enjoying it. That's what it's all about. Looks as though you are in for some more rain. Stay safe.

  3. Replies
    1. It is very very comfy indeed! ;) Like a cloud


  4. Stunning Cielo. Just gorgeous. Love, Mimi xxx


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