Friday, March 27, 2015

In the garden and in the house

I’ve been busy busy these days... painting furniture and changing things around the garden...

painted garden furniture

Painting flower pots...

flower pots

Scattering seeds, planting more flowers and watering the entire garden back and front by hand every day…

the magical garden
spring planting

I was delightedly surprised the other when I saw that Home Depot brought some lovely tea roses this year… something other than the Knockout edition, can you believe it!  Those roses are so pretty, I just needed some... Oh I think my addiction to roses is back and our little white cottage is turning into another house in the roses… seriously!
Paradise roses

Don’t blame me if I couldn’t resist… who could?  These roses are too pretty…  I bought two Paradise lilac, mauve, very fragrant hybrid tea rose, and a Queen Elizabeth grandiflora rose in a lovely shy pink, which I’d planted by the garage door…
Paradise rose

The purple and white allium bulbs I planted this winter are blooming everywhere, and the Sedum 'Autumn Fire'… so easy to grow, so lovely in late summer and fall with their bright red to deep bronze red in color as fall turns into winter are blooming wonderfully.  I discovered that you can stick a small stem/branch in the ground and they will put out roots… that's all you have to do to multiply them.  These plants will root no matter what.  Love them!
Sedum in the garden

Last Christmas I bought a ruffle 3-tiered chair slipcover from Target for the chair in my living room.  I wanted something similar for the two center chairs in the dinning room, but I wanted a shorter length and less ruffles…

Ruffle 3-tiered chair slipcover

I found the perfect two ruffle shorter version skirt slipcovers at   

two ruffle chair slipcover
An instant makeover and seasonal change to the room!
I know, I should iron them! ;)

We’re going back to cold weather again… it was freezing cold this morning and temperatures are dropping down to the 20’s tonight… yuck!  I’ve brought in all my flower pots and the heater is on again.  Our little white cottage feels warm and cozy.  I love it that when evening falls, our bedroom is gently lighted up by fairy lights…  the last light of day streaming in through the windows makes the room an enchanting little place to be… to rest and just put our cares aside for a few hours.     

Fairy lights in bedroom

 I hope you all are keeping warm tonight.    

See you soon!



  1. Cielo, I like the slipcovers. I hope all your wonderful roses bloom for many years. I love roses, but I do not have very good luck with them. Blessings for a return to spring. xoxo,Susie

  2. Hi Ceilo, your painted aqua garden furniture looks fantastic, and the roses will be amazing when Summer comes. l also love the chair slipcovers and what a perfect fit they are. The fairy lights in your cottage are so pretty, l would love to do that in my house:-) Stay warm and have a great weekend.

  3. I love the fairy lights, on your bedroom window curtains....


  4. Your slipcovers are gorgeous!! Thanks for joining HSH!

  5. so lovely to see changes and you are using more white again it....I love those slip covers, I've been looking for something I didn't have to make myself and those look perfect.
    I love the fairy lights behind the curtains too!! love love love! I'm entertaining guests from Sweden these past days and glad they found a way to use public transportation today so I am free today to do some slow things, to find that beauty I seem to have lost for a bit being ''out in the world'' so much, but this is a lovely reminder and I am thinking again of 'doing', beautifying my home.
    I am working on creating a Japanese Garden in on section by the pond which will be perfect, and I have everything for it, just need the energy. Maybe some crafting today will be good for my poor exhausted body and brain lolol...keep up the magic!


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