Thursday, April 9, 2015

Compendium of days

Hours, days, time passing by—time dissolving into nothingness before the astounded eye. Time simulating the flowers of the field. Like grass, time withers and falls from one day to the next… and so do we. Our days are like grass—as a flower of the field. We blossom like wild flowers. And our glory withers and falls before we can even realize the speed in which time imprisons us and takes us with it. And here I am, astounded too; like a bird my heart uplifted in hymns of praises to the Great-I-Am. For even if our bodies are like the grass, still our eyes shall see beyond the “Mountain”.

It’s been raining oceans around here and the woods beyond the garden have come alive with myriads of emerald greens and bright jewels. It is almost unreal to look at this brilliantness and realize that only yesterday the world was bare and thin.

When it is not raining, I am living out here. I sit here for hours and read and think and drink in every singularity surrounding me—the way Nature seems to hug me, the sun shining down from a dazzling blue sky, greeting me again and again; noises moving around me; swishing sounds behind my back, things scurrying through the foliage; the sound of thrashers foraging for food on the wood’s floors among the big dead leaves; the sound of small animals moving by; the twits and busyness of birds, the song of peepers in the creek and pond.

Sometimes I like to imagine that I’m in the jungle somewhere.  I can hear the monkeys high in the treetops collecting bits of branches; whooping and shrieking and making a great deal of noise up in the pillowy surface of the canopy.  I hear the shrieks and howls and the bushes around me keep shaking and rustling, and I immerse myself so deep in these thoughts that I come to believe I’m in a strange place, with dangerous animals, and for a zilch of a moment I held my breath, deliciously frightened.

Dreaming and idleness are not just about the only things going on around here; there’s also plenty of work too. Thus, it happened that I, and my helpers, the birds, have scattered myriads of zinnia’s seeds everywhere.  They have been sewn in well designed areas and places I wish to see them grow, but birds have ideas of their own, and thus I’ve been discovering zinnia seeds growing in surprising places…  I’ve decided I won’t be pulling them out any longer and let nature takes its course.

I’ve also opened and cleaned a new area further down into the woods were I am creating another flowerbed, because that’s still part of our land and even if I fear the wilderness won’t cooperate with me, I am still willing to work, and I am running ahead of hopelessness too, as mosquitoes and poisonous leaves, haven’t yet been woken up from their winter slumber, are not interfering.  This is good.  This is the best time of the year to enjoy the outdoors and it is the first time since we moved here that we have been able to dine outside again… outside, under the big patio umbrella, which is now, along with the table and chairs, moved to a more appropriate location; where is shadowy and cooler. 

I’ve been making my own organic garden sprays and I’ve been spraying my roses with this concoction of goodness and they are looking healthy and strong.  I’m planning on trying growing roses from cuttings and if I do succeed on this I will fill my world with roses once again.  The pond is again working and running and spring peepers have found yet another home away from the creek.  I love to hear their soothing songs and hear them communicate with one another from one end of the garden where the creek runs deeper, all the way to the pond.  I am happy with this outcome and always at awe with Nature, which seems to know better than us humans in every way.

The orange peel cat repellant concoction I’ve been spraying on the settee in our front porch seems to be working well.  Some initial signs after that first spraying told me that the cat had come again, but I haven’t seen anything unusual after that, and I’m hoping that I won’t either ever again.

I know that this is quite a long post, and most probably of no interest whatsoever for many of you, but I use my blog mainly as a personal journal to help me deciphered my days, and I haven’t been able to do so in a while.  My computer got hacked.  Hackers encrypted every file I ever had and demanded ransom to recuperate them.  It is a terrible virus and an awful crime.  Losing years of files, including the book I’m presently writing isn’t the end of the world, but this has caused great pain.  As it is, I am on a borrowed computer for now and it might be another while until I can get mine back, if at all.  In the mean time, I hope you'll enjoy your days wherever you are.

I have so missed my time with you all.




  1. I am so sorry to hear about the theft of your computer files. This is such an invasion of your space, somehow worse than if personal property had been taken. Sometimes your thoughts can not be repeated and are one of a kind so I hope something can be recovered for you. Glad to hear from you again

  2. please continue, your story is such an inspiration to me!

  3. Always look forward to your thoughts..please keep them coming :) xx

  4. I actually like long posts and your blog is very interesting as well as inspiring Cielo. I must confess that I have just spent a delightful couple of days reading old posts from The House In The Roses, which I hadn't read before and I so enjoyed looking at all the beautiful pictures. I'm so very sorry to hear that hackers have caused you so much grief. I hope you can recuperate your valuable files.

  5. So happy to see you posted today. I was worried about you. I know all too well the frustrations of computers. Just recently I have been having apps appear on my computer that I have not requested. These apps continue to "run" in the background causing all kind of problems including not allowing me to visit any blogs! Aghhhhhhhh! But for some unknown reason I am able to tonight?..??? So i suppose I will have to see my computer geet next week. Please continue your blog. Glad you are once again enjoying the outdoors. It does a body good. Have a happy weekend..rain and all.

  6. I have been wondering why you hadn't blogged in almost two weeks. We do miss you when you are absent! I'm glad you are okay but sorry you have been hacked. What a world....what a world. Makes me sad. I hope your book and all your other personal information can be recovered. Glad you have gardening to occupy your mind and lift your spirits.

  7. Beauty is all around you! You seem to call it forth whenever you awaken. Love to see your world and read of your life. I'm so hurt for you in the loss of those files. Wicked, ignorant hackers. With what goal they intrude into a life and intentionally cause pain! It is technological vandalism as plain as if they had spray painted cruel words on a fence. I would wish to hut them... But that isn't the answer. I hope the good tech people can win this one and retrieve your book and files.

    I think our weather is far behind you although the wild violets are a mass of purple in the back yard. We ran the furnace this morning, though.

    Hugs and welcome back. I have missed you!

  8. Spring makes me so happy. I love seeing everything starting to bloom again.

    So sorry to hear your computer was hacked.


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